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Bass Rise

aka: Fishing Freaks: BassRise

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PSX Nation (73 out of 100) (73%)

In my opinion if you're buying this for a child or someone who can't go fishing outside, then this is a good way to spend a bad weather day. However for most people it will fall short of the mark and have you wishing for more.

Oct 26th, 1998 · PlayStation · read review

GamePro (US) ( ) (70%)

Bass Rise is a decent fishing game for those console fishers who don't feel the need for a Dreamcast. If you can spare the bucks, you'll likely find more to like in Sega Bass Fishing for Sega's machine, but this is about as good as bass gets on the PlayStation.

2000 · PlayStation · read review

Gaming Age (B-) (67%)

Even though I am not much of a fisher and have never taken interest in playing fishing games before, I must say that I did enjoy Bass Rise. After playing it for about 3-4 hours though, I started to get a little tired with it. Every time I went to go back and play it my interest subsided quicker every time. I would highly recommend this game to fishing fans and warn others to rent it before you spend your money. Look for Bass Rise to appear in a store near you this week.

1999 · PlayStation · read review

IGN (5.5 out of 10) (55%)

Whilst games of this sort can be entertaining, most seem to suffer from a lack of long-term play value. Bandai's Bass Rise fits with this typecast. It's definitely not a game for everyone and even for those of you that enjoy fishing games, there are better ones than Bass Rise currently available for the PlayStation. Fishing fans may want to give this game a rental, but for those not interested in this genre, this definitely won't win you over.

Dec 15th, 1999 · PlayStation · read review

GameSpot (5 out of 10) (50%)

Given those complaints, Bass Rise makes for an amusing diversion best suited for casual fishing fans who generally play for no longer than an hour per sitting. Meanwhile, hard-core bass anglers will find themselves screaming for more features to spice up the gameplay. Liking this game is a function of which category you fall into most - and if you're not a fishing fan to start with, there's hardly enough pizzazz in Bass Rise to suck you into the genre.

Dec 28th, 1999 · PlayStation · read review

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