Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

aka: DQ9, Doragon Kuesuto Nain Hoshizora no Mamoribito, Dragon Quest IX: HĂŒter des Himmels, Dragon Quest IX: Le sentinelle del cielo, Dragon Quest IX: Les sentinelles du firmament

Nintendo DS credits (2009)

336 people (293 professional roles, 43 thanks) with 346 credits.

General Credits

Game Design
Character & Monster Design
Music Composer

Square Enix Co. Ltd. (Development Staff)

Chief Scenario Planner
Chief Event Planner
Scenario Staff
System Planners
Event Planners
Sub Character Design
Technical Support

Level-5 Inc. (Development Staff)

Development Director
Technical Director
Programming Director
Battle System Programming
Menu Programming
Scenario Programming
Network Programming
Map Programming
Programming Support
Main Character Models
Main Character Motion
Monster Models
Monster Motion
3D Object Graphics
Sub-Character Design
2D Character Graphics
Menu Design
Event Director
Event Storyboards
Event Scripts
Visual Effects Director
Visual Effects
Map Art Design Director
Map Art Design
Map Graphics Director
Map Graphics Associate Director
Map Graphics
Sound Effects
Sound Production Support
Special Thanks
Test Players

Square Enix Co. Ltd. (Localisation)

General Manager
Localisation Coordinators
English Translators
French Translators
Italian Translators
German Translators
Spanish Translators
MSM GmbH Localisation Management
Special Thanks

Square Enix Co. Ltd. (Publicity Division)

Corporate Executive
Original Publicity Producer
Original Publicity Team

Square Enix Inc.

Senior Quality Assurance Manager
Assistant QA Manager
Senior QA Coordinator
QA Coordinator
Assistant QA Coordinator
QA Adiminstrator
QA Associate
QA Team
QA Translator
Localisation Director
QA Director

Square Enix Ltd.

Chief of QA
Assistant QA Managers
UK QA Co-ordinator
UK QA Lead
UK QA Team
French QA Co-ordinator
French QA Lead
French QA Team
Italian QA Co-ordinator
Italian QA Lead
Italian QA Team
German QA Co-ordinator
German QA Lead
German QA Team
Spanish QA Co-ordinator
Spanish QA Lead
Spanish QA Team
Localisation Team
Localisation Producer
Assistant Localisation Producer
Assistant Production Manager
Senior Production Manager
Senior Creative Services Manager
Assistant Brand Manager
Senior Brand Manager
European PR Manager
Brand Director
Project Co-ordination
Digital Communcations Manager
Vice-President - Brand

Nintendo Co. Ltd.


Nintendo of America


Nintendo of Europe


Additional Credits

Special Thanks from Square Enix
General Producer
Executive Producer
Assistant Producer

Tose Co. Ltd.

Music Programming
  • Tose Co. Ltd.
Sound Advisors
Music Programmers

Additional Company Credits

  • Masuhiro Tatara & f
Title Logo Designs


Animation Production
  • Kamikazedouga
Art Direction
Movie Design
Character Design
Animation Director
Key Animation
Title Logo Animation
Supported by
  • wonderium Inc.
  • DiGi Plannet Co.Ltd.
  • Nac Inc.
  • Sound Box Inc.
Production Manager
Animation Producer

Square Enix Co. Ltd. (Quality Assurance)

Technical Engineers
Chief Coordinator
Ratings Advisors
Senior Manager
General Manager

Square Enix Co. Ltd. (Public Relations)

Public Relations Director
Public Relations Assistant
Dragon Quest Team
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