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Enchanter: Wakaki Madōshi no Shiren


Enchanter: Wakaki Madōshi no Shiren is an enhanced remake of Infocom's text adventure Enchanter.

The story is the same as in the original version: the player controls a young, clueless apprentice wizard, who must find and memorize magic spells before he attempts to take on an evil warlock who terrorizes the land.

The interaction is performed mainly by typing commands. The game recognizes verb commands typed in kana (Japanese syllable system) or Latin alphabet. For convenience, some of the most common verb commands (Look, Take, etc.) can be accessed by pressing a corresponding button, but the player still has to type the name of an object. This remake also helps the player to interact with the environment by displaying a list of objects after the player has typed a command.

The most notable feature of the remake is the addition of graphics. Every location has a unique background picture, on which the text is super-imposed.


  • エンチャンタ ~若き魔導士の試練~ - Japanese spelling

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