Deus Ex Machina

[ Commodore 64 ] [ MSX ] [ ZX Spectrum ]

ZX Spectrum credits (1984)

30 people with 34 credits.

Written by
Directed by
Computer Program by
The Storyteller
The Machine
The Fertiliser
The Defect
The Defect Police
The Voice of Reason
All Music Performed and Recorded by
  • Fostex recorder and mixer
  • Roland JX3P keyboard
  • Roland 808 digitiser
  • Korg Vocoder
  • piano
  • organ
  • celeste
  • acoustic/electric/steel and bass guitars
  • Chinese lute
  • saxophone
  • bugle
  • mouth organ
  • flute
  • drums
  • bells
  • claves
  • machine gun
  • robots
  • ego
Choir-of-the-Test-Tube-Babies by
  • The children of Warblington School
Cheap saxophone by
Voice of reason by kind permission of
Cover photograph of
Additional artwork by
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Credits contributed by Sciere, S Olafsson.