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Monday Night Combat is a colourful, futuristic third-person shooter with cloned soldiers who fight in a competitive sport in enclosed arenas, complete with a live announcer and an audience. It is played with teams of soldiers of different classes. The two game modes are Blitz and Crossfire. Blitz is a cooperative mode where a team of one to four players (additionally with bots instead of human players) fights against different waves of enemies who attempt to reach the Moneyball - a central structure that needs to be guarded and defended against attacks. In this game mode there are five different challenges and there are many types of robots that each require a specific strategy to defeat them. The second game mode is Crossfire and it is played online with two teams of six players. The goal is to get hold of the opponent's Moneyball, but in order to do that AI-controlled Breach Bots need to be guided inside the enemy base so they can take down the shields first.

Players collect and spend money in-game. It can be used to activate jump pads, purchase upgrades for different skills and enhanced abilities, and build and repair turrets. There are four types of turrets that can be installed on fixed spots. They are of vital importance in matches to keep the enemy busy and protect passages, especially near the Moneyball. Cash is left behind by defeated enemies and at the end of the match there is also a mascot, similar to the dwarfs of the original Golden Axe game, who can be chased and hit to make him drop money. Efficient resource management is often necessary to get goods results. When dying the player re-spawns after a cool-down time, but with no money charge.

The player can shoot with different weapons, use objects, reload, zoom, use different skills, perform melee attacks, and taunt other players. After defeating a number of enemies it is possible to activate Juice, which temporarily charges the character to move faster and do more damage. Many of the other abilities depend on the chosen class, with different characters somewhat similar to Team Fortress 2. The six classes are Assault, Tank, Personal, Assassin, Gunner, and Sniper.* Assault is an all-round character with an assault rifle and a grenade launcher. He can launch bombs and detonate them remotely, fly for a short while using hover jets, and charge towards opponents to knock them out of the arena.

  • Tank is the strongest character, but also fairly slow. He attacks using a jet gun and a rail gun, and his skills consist of a grenade that can also blind enemies, a charge attack, and the ability to deploy himself at a fixed position to deal more damage and lose less health.

  • Personal is a typical support character similar to a medic or an engineer. He has a shotgun that can also fire a grapple, but his main gun heals allies and drains health from opponents to transfer it to his team. He can hack into turrets to upgrade the abilities, deploy a firebase, and call in an airstrike.

  • Assassin is the stealth character. He is very fast and fights uses a dagger for close combat, which is turned into a sword after upgrades. The alternate fire is a grapple. The second main weapon is a shuriken launcher. His most important skills are cloak to become invisible, a dash attack, and a smoke bomb.

  • Gunner is another slow, but very strong character. He fights with a minigun and a mortar launcher that deal a lot of damage. His slam attack pushes enemies away, he can deploy himself to deal more damage, similar to Tank, and he can grapple opponents and throw them.

  • Sniper is another fast character for players with great accuracy. His main weapon is the sniper rifle to take out enemies from a distance, but he also has an SMG, along with a grapple. Special skills include a flak grenade, the ability to set traps that slow down enemies, and a sniper grapple that spins or throws opponents.

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