Robot City

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Weak. But good.

The Good
The game isn't all linear. There isn't a monstrous amount of things to do, but you don't have to do everything to finish the game. So, there's some variation each time you play it.

Somethings are random (like when you have to find this or that robot), and this prevents the game from being too easy (but this can be a frustrating factor), although the harder ones usually can be skipped.

The Train system is good and very useful, specially if you consider the streets design (see bellow.)

It's graphics are good, for the time, and the plot is very nice.

It comes with the solution inside a TEXT file in one of the two CDs. (So, if you get pretty stuck...)

The Bad
First of all, going from cd to cd every once in a while. It's very boring, specially when you try to enter the compass tower (so you change the CDs) and don't manage to make the supervisor let you in (having to change it again). This can definitely make someone loose his patience sometimes.

The very confusing city design. It's very random, and actually, it's intended to make you get lost...

Robots stopping you can sometimes be boring too...

Oh... Can you imagine a killer rain?

The Bottom Line
Well, this game is far from being a classic. But I love it. My father bought it to me together with The Dig, when he bought my first PC, and I spent many hours trying to solve it.

The game works Myst style (moving from static scene to static scene), but it isn't half as beautiful. The robots, sometimes, can be interesting to talk to, and your companion, Alpha, is very nice too.

The goal is to prove your innocence (the bots think you killed a man) and save the city. Oh... and discover your true identity too. There are multiple endings, but they're all decided at the very end of the game... So, once you reach the end, you can see all of the endings in about an hour or less.

To reach your goals you have to walk around the city, asking questions and finding clues. Somethings may happen to solve themselves depending on what you do, so you may want to play the game once and again just to be sure you saw all of it.

Overall, I recommend this game, but only because I like it a lot. It's probably too hard to find to be worth your time trying to find it. But, if you happen to find it somewhere for some odd reason, give it a try. It won't hurt your pocket that much.

Windows · by Geraldo Falci (12) · 2004

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