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The Telegraph ( )

Minecraft is by far one of the most fascinating and progressive games ever made, both in terms of its leanings towards procedural generation and emergent gameplay, and the way it has been so openly developed. In an era where the development of most games is a closely-guarded, PR-managed secret, millions were invited to buy and play Minecraft years before it was even finished. This approach has led to an unparalleled amount of useful feedback for the developers, while simultaneously making them a fortune.

Dec 14th, 2011 · Macintosh · read review

Eurogamer.de (10 out of 10)

Erkundungstouren auf der Suche nach dem Ende dieser Welt, nur am Verlauf der immer nach Westen ziehenden Wolken orientiert, zu seinem ersten Quartier zurĂŒckkehrt, lacht man ĂŒber sein frĂŒheres Selbst. Die AnfĂ€ngerfehler in seiner frĂŒhen Hauskonstruktion, die unbeholfen aufgestellten Fallen, in die man oft genug selbst reintappste, und erinnert sich ein bisschen peinlich berĂŒhrt an seinen damals noch so beschrĂ€nkten Horizont, nur auf Kohle, Eisen und - großer Gott - Gold konzentriert. Man sieht, wie weit man gekommen ist, legt doch jeder einzelne Block wissend Zeugnis davon ab. Was fĂŒr eine treffende Analogie auf das Leben, Lernen, Älterwerden.

Dec 2nd, 2011 · Macintosh · read review

Indie Game Magazine (98 out of 100)

At this point I realize that I have only just began to touch on what Minecraft truly contains. The rabbit-hole runs deep indeed, or rather, the mineshaft. Even if you don’t see a reason to try it on the PC, fear not. Ports are on the tracks and scheduled for arrival within the year — an Xbox Live version is promised, while iOS and Android versions are in early release. Minecraft is without a doubt worth the purchase, and even if you don’t immediately see the appeal and decide to go do something else, Minecraft will still be around in the future, with more goodies in its already gargantuan backpack.

Dec 24th, 2011 · Macintosh · read review

VentureBeat / Gamesbeat (90 out of 100)

Minecraft, the review? It’s impossible. There’s only experiential description to keep this reviewer from falling into a recursive, procedurally generated nightmare of Borgesian proportions (and shuddering at each use of the word “you” in a professional review). If we must, then, score this kind of game, we give it a 90/100. Whether you find joy in creating the Taj Mahal in square-ish blocks, building sky castles with friends in multiplayer, or derive an obscure satisfaction of a good life well lived in Hardcore mode, Minecraft abides. The cost is low and the computer specifications are fairly generous. Mac or PC, you can play this game. And you should.

Dec 19th, 2011 · Macintosh · read review

Softonic (9 out of 10)

Minecraft is a wonderfully inventive sandbox game that really deserves the title, as your creation in it is only limited by your imagination and time!

Sep 21st, 2010 · Macintosh · read review

Edge (9 out of 10)

“I will not tell the player how to live,” reads the poem marking the conclusion of version 1.0.0, and the sentiment rings true. The central achievement of Minecraft is a willingness to let the player define the experience; to make them the most interesting element in a world that’s already dynamic and fascinating. It’s a decision that has made designer Markus Persson a millionaire, and it’s ensured that the most important PC game of the past five years is also the most timely. Minecraft creates pockets of unmapped wilderness in a world that’s increasingly cluttered, and offers the illusion of control in an era in which genuine control is so rarely available. It’s the promise, particularly potent these days, of ownership; of not just shaping a landscape, but also calling it home.

Nov 28th, 2011 · Macintosh · read review

OMGN: Online Multiplayer Games Network (8.2 out of 10)

The shortcomings are most likely due to the fact that the game hasn't even hit its beta stage, but even though it doesn't quite seem fully fleshed out, there's no doubt that for an alpha, it has a lot of content. It may not be for everyone, but we'll see when the game goes gold.

Dec 17th, 2010 · Macintosh · read review

Softonic ( )

Minecraft est un jeu au scénario infini incroyablement innovant. Son qualificatif de sandbox est largement mérité car les uniques freins à cette simulation sont le temps et votre imagination.

Nov 16th, 2011 · Macintosh · read review

Indius (16 out of 20)

Finalement Minecraft est un trÚs bon jeu, bien qu'assez rebutant de par son aspect graphique et son absence d'explications du début à la fin, il saura séduire les joueurs passionnés et débordant de créativité souhaitant découvrir une expérience manquant encore un peu de contenu aprÚs tant de développement mais heureusement doté d'une communauté si active compensant largement les défauts du jeu.

Feb 16th, 2012 · Macintosh

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