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10-Yard Fight

aka: Arcade Archives: 10-Yard Fight
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10-Yard Fight is a simple arcade game based on American football. One player can play against the computer or a second player head-to-head matchup and can choose between five levels of difficulty (high school, college, pro, playoffs, and Super Bowl). If you win a game at a lower difficulty level, the following game is automatically played at the next highest difficulty level.

Gameplay is top-down and vertical-scrolling. There are no plays or formations to select from before the action begins; the player can take the snap as quarterback or choose one of two players on defense. On offense, the player can either keep the ball on the run, toss it to one of the two running backs, or throw long to the receiver; an interception turns the ball over to the other team. If a touchdown can't be scored, then the directional kicking system can be used to punt the ball or try for a field goal. One game consists (accelerated real-time) 30-minute halves of play to decide who wins this 10-Yard Fight.

While the US version plays like a traditional American Foorball game, the gameplay was altered for the Japanese version. The main idea of the Japanese version of this game is that players take control of a football team and have the task of trying to score a touchdown before the clock runs out.

Players start out as a high school team. Games consists of two halves. One touchdown must be scored before time runs out in each half or the game is lost. After a touchdown is scored, the half ends and the 2nd half of the game starts. If the player scores in both halves, they win the game, and then move on to the next level of difficulty. Difficulty levels after high school go from college, pro, then to super. The higher the difficulty, the less amount of time is given for a player to score a touchdown.

Since the game is concerned with scoring touchdowns, in the 1 player game the player is always on offense. Players can score points for completing passes and for gaining yards by either rushing or passing. Scoring a touchdown also adds to the players score, as does any remaining time on the clock after the touchdown is scored. Also after a touchdown, the player can add on to their score by kicking an extra point.

Other rules on the field include getting a 1st down to add time to the clock. If the player throws an interception or go four downs without getting a 1st down, they are penalized yards.

In a 2 player game, the second player plays defense until it's their turn to play offense.


  • 10ヤードファイト - Japanese spelling

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Executive Producer (uncredited)
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Average score: 34% (based on 10 ratings)


Average score: 2.2 out of 5 (based on 51 ratings with 1 reviews)

Briefly enjoyable.

The Good
Solid gameplay, enjoyable quirks, decent graphics

The Bad
Too easy.

The Bottom Line
Briefly enjoyable retro game that needs the difficulty level turned up.

Playing against the computer was only challenging the first couple of games, with each subsequent increase in level Only getting mildly harder.

There were some fun bits, like using your blockers while trying to find a running hole or some clear air to pass through. Eventually, though, this just turned into a game of cat and mouse with the computer rather than having any need of nuanced strategy.

NES · by tvail4 (4) · 2020


Cancelled Port

The game was also completed for the Commodore 64 for Elite, but not released.

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