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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

aka: Crash 2, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex no Gyakushuu!

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PSM (5 out of 5) (100%)

You have to respect that the developers, despite the success of the first game, were humble enough to learn from their mistakes. With Crash 2, Sony finally has a true mascot game that can go up against the best the competition has to offer.

1997 · PlayStation

GamePro (US) (19 out of 20) (95%)

Crash 2 has more of the same hop-n-bop play mechanics as the first title, but its graphical enhancements and added moves catapult it to the top of the PlayStation action/platform heap.

1998 · PlayStation · read review

Consoles Plus (94 out of 100) (94%)

Une suite excellente, mais un peu r茅chauff茅e. Le h茅ros est accrocheur, les graphismes ravageurs, et la difficult茅 a 茅t茅 revue 脿 la baisse...

Dec 1997 · PlayStation · read review

Absolute Playstation (92 out of 100) (92%)

To be truthful I did not like the original game. I found it to be packed with frustrations that did not allow the gameplay to flow. Crash 2 on the other hand is much more appealing and I cannot remember one occasion where I wanted to throw the control pad in the direction of the furry freak. The tempo of the game is perfect. When the going gets tough - it eases off a little. When you are plodding along with ease - it moves up a notch.

Jan 1998 · PlayStation · read review

Video Game Critic, The (A-) (91%)

Crash 2 is extremely fun but also very difficult. Not only is the basic gameplay far more challenging, but in order to complete the game you need to locate secret areas so elusive you'll probably need a cheat book to find them all.

Jul 15th, 1999 · PlayStation · read review

Netjak (9 out of 10) (90%)

The gameplay in Cortex Strikes Back is polished, fun and flawless. When complimented by excellent visuals, ingenious controls, catchy music and Crash鈥檚 clownish charm, it鈥檚 no wonder that Crash Bandicoot 2 is the Playstation classic that it is.

Apr 12th, 2005 · PlayStation · read review

VicioJuegos.com / uVeJuegos.com (90 out of 100) (90%)

La mascota m谩s famosa de Sony vuelve a la carga con un t铆tulo cargado de emoci贸n, nuevas aventuras y humor. No te los pierdas.

Jan 31st, 2006 · PlayStation · read review

Joystick (French) (90 out of 100) (90%)

Autant vous le dire tout de suite : vous ne trouverez sur PC aucun jeu du genre aussi d茅lirant que ce Crash Bandicoot sur PlayStation.

Jan 1998 · PlayStation · read review

Retro Spirit Games ( ) (90%)

Crash 2 is a great game that manages to improve on its predecessor in many ways, but for me, it holds the least appeal of the three due to the first game holding so much nostalgic appeal, and the third game being an even more improved game than this sequel. It's still an essential game for fans, however, and will give you hours of entertainment, and even more of a challenge than before. There are also additional types of special items to locate in the levels - the collection of which open new routes to secret stages, meaning there is far more replayability than before.

Oct 24th, 2013 · PlayStation · read review

Retroage (9 out of 10) (90%)

Crash Bandicoot jest gr膮 niezwyk艂膮. Zawiera w sobie to niedefiniowalne co艣, sprawiaj膮ce, i偶 mimo kr贸tkiego czasu potrzebnego na uko艅czenie gry (6h), pozycja cechuje si臋 wysokim replayability. Pr贸ba definicji zarzewia owego faktu r贸wnoznaczna jest z pr贸ba okre艣lenia genezy powstania cywilizacyjnych aksjomat贸w. By膰 mo偶e to ten szalony p臋d nadaj膮cy sens po偶eraniu niesko艅czonej ilo艣ci jab艂ek, rozbijaniu skrzynek, wy艂膮czaj膮cy nasze my艣lenie, a uaktywniaj膮cy wewn臋trzne dziecko tkwi膮ce gdzie艣 tam g艂臋boko pod grubymi warstwami doros艂ego ego. Sekwencja otwieraj膮ca i zamykaj膮ca ka偶dy poziom oraz towarzysz膮ce temu efekty 艣wietlne, rozb艂yski, ch臋膰 osi膮gni臋cia celu maluj膮cego si臋 na horyzoncie buduj膮 wra偶enie metafizycznego karharsis - pe艂nego oczyszczenia. Znam tylko jedn膮 gr臋, z kt贸r膮 wi膮偶膮 mnie podobne uczucia 鈥 przygody w膮satego hydraulika. Tego po prostu nie da si臋 wyrazi膰 werbalnie czy te偶 graficznie.

Oct 11th, 2008 · PlayStation · read review

GameTrip.net (9 out of 10) (90%)

On retrouve donc la m锚me recette que l'opus pr茅c茅dent mais les d茅fauts ont 茅t茅 corrig茅s tout en gardant tous les bons aspects, et surtout la bonne humeur et le fun omnipr茅sent.

Oct 31st, 2012 · PlayStation · read review

Ultra Game Players (89 out of 100) (89%)

Crash Bandicoot -- it was one of those games that you either love or hate. I just happen to have loved it, and my feeling towards its sequel are no different. So, why does it get me going? It plays great. It's tight platforming gameplay at its very best. Period. My only gripes are that the game really isn't markedly different to its forerunner. You're still running either into the screen, out of the screen, or side-to-side. But thankfully the depth of the game has increased many fold, with countless gems to uncover, and more levels than ever. Naughty Dog has upped the PlayStation ante once more with their very worthy sequel. Even if you didn't like the original, you should seriously give this one a go. Fans of the first game: you'll do nothing but love every last minute of it.

1998 · PlayStation · read review

PSX Extreme (8.8 out of 10) (88%)

Crash 2 improves over the original in many ways. It has better graphics, better sound, and much improved gameplay. For fans of the original game, this one is a must have.

1999 · PlayStation · read review

Mega Fun (86 out of 100) (86%)

Vor einem Jahr als Mario-Konkurrent auf den Markt gebracht, hat sich das niedliche Beuteltier in die Herzen der Fans gespielt. Der zweite Teil der Bandicoot-Saga wird sicherlich daf眉r sorgen, da脽 das auch so bleibt. Der neue Crash hat n盲mlich alle Voraussetzungen f眉r eine Kultfigur. Da脽 Crash 2 kaum Neuerungen aufweisen kann, sollte man Naughty Dog nicht zum Vorwurf machen. Schlie脽lich hat sich das Konzept schon einmal bew盲hrt. Die wenigen neuen Features runden das Spielvergn眉gen ab. Vor allem die M枚glichkeit, nun nach jedem Level abzuspeichern, erleichtert das Game. Die knackigen Endgegner sorgen daf眉r, da脽 das H眉pfvergn眉gen nicht zu einfach wird. Pluspunkte sammelt Crash 2 auch mit der Supergrafik. Der australische Wirbelwind sieht jetzt einfach noch besser aus und hat es mit vielf盲ltigen, toll animierten Gegnern zu tun. Crash-Fans und alle, die jetzt neugierig geworden sind, sollten unbedingt zugreifen. Ich werde mir das Ding auf jeden Fall zulegen.

Nov 1997 · PlayStation

GameSpot (8.6 out of 10) (86%)

In any event, these problems are balanced out by the game's excellent gameplay and intelligent design. Crash Bandicoot 2 is a topnotch platform game. If you're a fan of the genre, you owe it to yourself to check this title out.

Nov 25th, 1997 · PlayStation · read review

IGN (8.5 out of 10) (85%)

Ultimately, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back is a splendid game. It's tremendous fun, but it also could've used a little more variety. On to Crash 3!

Nov 4th, 1997 · PlayStation · read review

Gamezilla (85 out of 100) (85%)

Crash Bandicoot 2 is a very entertaining game. The superior graphics, playability and soundtrack made this a game that I found myself enjoying for hours on end. The level of difficulty increases slowly but enough to keep the game continually challenging. I heartily recommend this game, especially if you are a fan of the original Crash Bandicoot, because everything that you liked about the first game and more can be found in the sequel.

1997 · PlayStation · read review

Video Games (82 out of 100) (82%)

Spielerisch werden Eure Erwartungen an den zweiten Teil der Crash-Saga sicherlich voll erf眉llt. Die Level sind toll durchdacht, bergen jede Menge Extras und steigern sich im Schwierigkeitsgrad genau richtig. Unfaire Steilen sucht man vergebens, es gibt immer einen Trick zum Weiterkommen. Da haben die Designer wieder das richtige Fingerspitzengef眉hl gezeigt. Witzige Helden-Animationen, coole Begleitmusik und einige interessante Einf盲lle machen Laune auf mehr. Alles in allem legen sich H眉pffreunde mit dieser CD ein weiteres witziges Jump鈥榥鈥楻un zu, das immer noch absolut empfehlenswert ist.

Nov 1997 · PlayStation

Bravo Screenfun (2 out of 6) (80%)

(Budget release)
Die K盲mpfe mit den Schergen des b枚sen Dr Neo Cortex sind auch nach 眉ber einem Jahr eine Runde wert. Auch wenn der Nachfolger in Sachen Grafik und Sound uneinholbar weit vorne liegt, mu脽 sich 鈥濩rash Bandicoot 2鈥 nicht verstecken: Die detaillierten und bunten Welten nach versteckten Bonus- Passagen zu durchsuchen, macht auch heute noch einen Mordsspa脽. Vor allem die facettenreiche Aufgabenstellung sorgt f眉r viel Motivation.

Mar 1999 · PlayStation

Meristation (8 out of 10) (80%)

Estaba cantado, ten铆a que volver! Sony no nos podia dejar sin nuestro marsupial favorito. Si chicos (y chicas tambien, por supuesto) Crash vuelve con mas niveles, movimientos, secretos, y muchas m谩s horas de diversi贸n.

Nov 10th, 1997 · PlayStation · read review

Game Revolution (B) (75%)

Still - the game is undeniably fun. Platform games have been favorites of legions of gamers ever since Super Mario Brothers in the early days of the NES. Running, jumping, and stomping on monsters has always, and still is, an enjoyable time. Crash Bandicoot 2 doesn't add anything to the genre, neither did Crash Bandicoot 1, but they're still fun and are a nostalgic blast for those of us whose Nintendo's broke years ago...

Jun 4th, 2004 · PlayStation · read review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) ( ) (60%)

As sequels go, this is d茅j脿 vu city. I found myself rubbing my eyes in disbelief, and had to quickly play the original game again. Just to check this wasn't just the same thing with a big number 2 slapped on it. Upon closer inspection there are some marked improvements over the original. The graphics are better, and even more colourful (if you can believe that). Getting a perfect score on each level now takes a bit more work, and the jet-pack sections do add a bit of variety. The big question is how much did you like the original? If you thought it was the best thing since sliced bread you'll love this. It's more of the same, better designed and perhaps longer lasting. Everyone else though, will no doubt be wondering why real imagination was thrown out of the window.

Jan 1998 · PlayStation

Random Access (4.5 out of 10) (45%)

Crash Bandicoot 2 made me curse at the television more often than during the Grammy Awards. It still makes many of the design mistakes that its predecessor solidified as part of the bandicoot formula. This entry in the series does illustrate that the developers were slowly learning from their mistakes, but that there was still work to be done. I don't loathe this one as much, but there is still a long journey ahead before Crash Bandicoot could ever chance upon a truly epic adventure.

Sep 16th, 2014 · PlayStation · read review

Player Reviews

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The Good
Crash Bandicoot returns in his next PSX adventure more exciting than the last one. Here, we get introduced to Coco 鈥 Crash's sister who replaces the revealing Tawna 鈥 who tells him to get a battery for her laptop. When Crash goes to get one for her, he is transported to a warp room where a holographic Cortex asks him to recover the 25 crystals that are needed to power up his new machine, the Super Cortex Vortex. Little does Crash know that Cortex is going to use his machine to take over the world once again.

Gameplay involves you mainly walking through all 25 levels (most of them big), killing wildlife and getting the crystal halfway. The environments within these levels look good, especially those in the levels where there is a lot of ice lying around. Just for fun, I went through the first few levels without actually getting the crystals, and it is interesting to hear Cortex's get furious as he instructs you to get the crystals over and over again. There is a range of new moves that can help you defeat enemies or get through levels. I enjoyed watching Crash do his little victory dance when you manage to get a crystal and gems.

The highlight of this game is using the vehicles that help you get through some levels. The best one was the jetboard which you use to navigate rivers. With this gizmo, you can get a nitro-boost that will get you past whirlpools. In addition to this, there are yellow ramps with red arrows on them; and if you run up it, you are hoisted into the air, allowing you to break boxes that remain stationery in the air.

If you break all the boxes in the levels, you are awarded a gem. More often than not, a second gem can be collected by going down alternate paths. The minority of the levels has alternate paths marked with a skull to indicate a dangerous path lies ahead. It is easy to lose a life if you aren't fully aware of what dangers lie ahead of you. I can recall one or two situations where completing a skull path just takes me to another exit, meaning that I had to go back and replay the level, but that's fine with me.

You have to defeat a boss every five levels. It takes a bit of time to figure out their patterns, but they take only two or three hits to kill. In my opinion, the most challenging boss has to be Cortex himself. You have to follow him through a tunnel and try to lower his health while avoiding his gun and some asteroids before Cortex reaches the tunnel exit. The funny thing is that I managed to kill him just when he was about to go through the exit.

It was a pleasure watching all the different ways Crash dies. One of my favorites is when Crash gets frozen in an ice block with the bear pup sitting on top of it. Crash can die if he isn't protected by an Aku-Aku mask.

The music in the game is very good. In fact, it is much better than Crash 1. The music in some levels have a pumping soundtrack, especially the levels where you are running away from boulders or just a huge polar bear. I like how you get a nice drum beat when Crash is invincible (if he gets three Aku-Aku masks without being in contact with enemies). I always know when the invincibility wears off if the drum beats decrease.

The Bad
You will remember that in Crash Bandicoot, you selected levels on a map, and you can freely rotate the map to explore other parts of the island as well as the nearby islands . In this game the warp rooms with the five portals are limited, and there is little space that you can walk around in. I feel that this gets boring after a while.

There is an alternate ending, but this ending can only be seen if you managed to reach 100% of the game. And to get there, you have to go to great, difficult lengths to explore every path in a level, get every gem (colored or not), go inside a hidden warp rooms, etc. It's alright in Crash Bandicoot where you type a cheat password that allows you to reach 100% of the game and view a second ending. But in the sequel you can't even enter passwords into the game, and since I just don't care enough to get that far myself, I just viewed the ending on YouTube.

The Bottom Line
In Crash 2, gameplay is similar to that of the original game, except that there is a bit more involved. For example, you can use a range of new moves to help you get through the levels and ride at least two vehicles, both of them having their advantages, as well as riding bear pups in the more icy levels. You are also encouraged to get hidden gems by taking dangerous routes through most of the levels. The graphics and sound is on par with Crash Bandicoot. There is an alternate ending, but only die-hard gamers can only reach 100% if they have the skill and patience.

by Katakis | 銈偪銈偣 (43062) on Apr 27th, 2010 · PlayStation

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