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Circle of Blood

aka: BS1, Baphomets Fluch, Broken Sword: Il Segreto dei Templari, Broken Sword: La leyenda de los Templarios, Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars, Les Chevaliers de Baphomet, Slomannyj Mech: Ten' Tamplierov

[ DOS ] [ Game Boy Advance ] [ Macintosh ] [ Palm OS ] [ PlayStation ] [ Windows ] [ Windows Mobile ]

PlayStation credits (1996)

68 People

Revolution Software

Project Producer
Script Writers
Lead Programmer
Systems Programming
Technical Programming
Game Tools
Console Programming
Animation Director
Support Programming
Music Composed By
Paper Design
Character Design
Sprite Animation
Background Layouts
Background Colourists
Sequence Animation
Sequence Composition
Story / Design
Story Consultant
Script Editor
Business Affairs
In-house Testing
Sound Effects
  • Hockenbacker Studios
Music performed by
  • The London Metropolitan Orchestra
Special Effects Assistant

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Assistant Producer
QA Manager
QA Supervisor

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