4D Sports Tennis Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen with video (VGA)
Main menu (VGA)
Creating a new player. (VGA)
Game options (VGA)
Training lessons (VGA)
The game gives hints on how to improve. (VGA)
Entering career mode. (VGA)
Planning a year in the career. (VGA)
Tournament matches are preceded by pictures of the stadiums. (VGA)
Serving in 1st-person perspective (VGA)
Playing with minimal graphic detail. (VGA)
Maximum graphic detail and 3rd-person perspective (VGA)
Advanced replay mode (VGA)
Title screen with video (EGA)
Main menu (EGA)
Exhibition menu (EGA)
Maximum detail in EGA mode
1st-person perspective (EGA)

FM Towns version

Title screen
Career mode
Player stats
Tour calendar
View of the stadium
The opponent is waiting
First-person serving
Practice mode
Exhibition mode
Choose your player!
Player dossiers
Player creation