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4th Dimension is a collection of four games that contains the following:

Cyberdyne Warrior: A flick screen platform shooter where you are a Cyberdyne Warrior and your mission is to visit three planets to capture escaped robots from the prisons that orbit the planets. The robots were in prison due to breaking one of Isaac Asimov's Robotic Laws, but due to the amount breaking the law, the original prison was overcrowded, so three more were built to house them. Now the robots have started escaping and you must move around each level shooting other robots and creatures as well as capture a robot. Once you have captured a robot you are transported to a shop to upgrade yourself and weapons, and these are paid for by collecting money found scattered on each level. There are also other obstacles that need avoiding like water and fire and if you touch these or are hit then you lose part of an energy bar. Once this is empty then it is game over.

Head the Ball: A scrolling platform game where the screen scrolls from left to right when you move, as you control a head who has to bounce to the end of each level in his mission to rescue his girlfriend. She has been taken by the Globoid Hells Angels and as you move through a level, you have to collect enough gems to trade for your girlfriend. There are various creatures on each level and these must be avoided or shot with limited bullets, and if you touch one or fall off the bottom of the screen then you lose one of five lives and sent back to the start of the level. You are armed also with a shield and two smart bombs, and the level must be completed within a time limit. Once you reach a heart at the end of a level you are transported to a bonus level which is a side view single screen shooter where you must blast various waves of alien ships.

Insects in Space: A horizontal scrolling shooter inspired by the arcade game Defender, where the screen scrolls left or right when you move Saint Helen as you try to stop bees from grabbing babies. You must shoot all the bees with your laser eyes as they try to swoop down and take the various babies to the top of the screen. If a baby is taken in the air then the bee can still be shot and the baby caught before it hits the ground. Above the playing area is a radar and this shows you the position of the babies, bees and various other creatures. The other creatures can be shot or avoided and if you are hit then you lose one of three lives. You also are equipped with three smart-bombs which kills all on the screen when activated.

Mission Impossibubble: A isometric platform game where the screen scrolls when you move your hero, a bubble with a face that moves along the maze of platforms over various levels. Your mission is to rescue six baby bubbles but to do this you first have to collect eight pieces of a scroll on each level before you can get the baby and lead it back to your starting position. There are various creatures on each level and these can be shot with your bubbles or avoided and if you are touched then you lose one of five lives. Only certain parts of the maze can be moved on, so teleporters have to be used to move to other parts of the maze.


4th Dimension Commodore 64 Head the Ball: Bonus level time
4th Dimension Commodore 64 Mission Impossibubble: Looking for pieces of a scroll
4th Dimension Commodore 64 Mission Impossibubble: Avoid the balls
4th Dimension Commodore 64 Mission Impossibubble: Title Screen

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ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) Mar, 1990 4.8 out of 12 40


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