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Dick Tracy: The Crime-Solving Adventure

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DOS Specs
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You're the famous square-jawed detective in this graphic adventure. Track down criminals and solve cases using your two-way wrist radio, squad car, and bugs you plant in the bad guys' hideouts. Suspects behave differently depending on their personality: Some will cooperate, while others will interpret a show of force as an invitation to a gun battle. Features characters from the comic series.

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IBM Music
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Average score: 38% (based on 4 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 6 ratings with 2 reviews)

Quite possibly the single greatest gaming experience of my life

The Good
The sheer vastness. From cruising the streets in your phat squad car, to chasin' down bad-doers through the mean, underground sewers, this game has it all. This game even has one of those password wheel thingys you turn to answer the password to get into the game. Fabulous! Don't get me started on the graphics. They are clean, crisp, and on par with any 3d action game today. The sound was also quite memorable. Good music, sound effects and stuff. The best part tho, was the GTA style driving. You can drive around town, chase down baddies in their pimp-mobiles and even shoot from your vehicle! This game is a CLASSIC!

The Bad
Not a thing.

The Bottom Line
A gem! The best thing Disney has ever made!

DOS · by DownRightEvil (9) · 2002

Brilliant once in a life-time game

The Good
Nearly everything, the graphics were colorful and fluid, the sound, provided by the disney sound card was great, and the gameplay was just fantastic. I haven't played the game in years, but this is what I remember. You basically cruise around a large city with different sections, basically like a pre-cursor to GTA...your radio goes off as a crime is being reported, and you have to find the location. If you get their quick enough, which was possible if you were luckily in the right area, you could actually stop the crime in progress at the scene by busting in and gunning down everyone. If not, you also may be lucky enough to track the escaping gettaway car and shoot the crap out of it and arrest the guy that way. Anyway, most times, you just arrive at the crime scene, which also incredibly interesting cause the scenes were these awesomely rendered places with attics, basements, backdoors to alleyways, littered with all sorts of clues. You collect the clues, take em to the crime lab to be analyzed, and narrow down the suspects. Then you cruise around town pulling over bad guys to shake em down for information. A lot of times they don't want to give you anything, and you have to shoot it out with their goons. The more intelligent and notorious the crook, the more goons he had protecting them. The fights were hard and bloody, and once you wasted a guy, he sunk into the ground (hah, cause he's going to hell)...Anyway, the game gets progressively harder, and there are all sorts of interesting sub-plots involving the kid, and madonna, and your girlfriend. Also, once you get all the clues to finger the crook, you have to find his hideout, which isn't always easy, and then you invade his turf. Some real low-life crooks lived in the sewers, while the richer ones had swankier places with many exits. OHH, thats the other great thing, running down the crook. They jump out of windows, go through manholes, climb up and down ladders, and make crazy jumps over ledges that are crumbling, all while shooting at you, as you do the same. It was just exciting for so many reasons.

The Bad
Nothing, I played it religiously when I was 10-12 till I beat it. I seriously would play it now if my disney sound source wasn't busted, my old pc wasn't wasted, and if I still had the activation code wheel.

The Bottom Line
An overlooked CLASSIC, that if remade today, would be incredible. Someone out there should update the graphics just a little, import the sound, and make it available to download, it would be a hit. Screw that, just put that on X-Box Live or something. God, I'd love to play it again.

DOS · by Willie Simpson (5) · 2007


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