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The In Crowd



In the UK Ocean ran a competition in conjunction with Boots, a pharmacy retailer who also sold computer games.

It was part of the documentation that came in the Spectrum cassette box release. Players had to answer five questions;* There are five districts in New York. Four of these are Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Richmond. Name the fifth * "Platoon" and "Predator" are 2 films licence conversions included in "The In Crowd" compilation. Name the leading actors in both films * New York is situated on the mouth of the _________ River. name this river. * New York was originally founded by Dutch settlers. What did they call it? * Name the famous statue situated on Liberty Island, What is is made of?

They then had to complete the tie-breaker sentence "I like Ocean because.... in less than 30 words.

The competition closed on April 30th 1989 and the prize was either £1000 in cash or a 14 day holiday in New York for two people including flights, accommodation, insurance and £150 each.

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