Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

aka: Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut, Silent Hill 2: Inner Fears, Silent Hill 2: Saigo no Uta

[ PlayStation 2 ] [ Windows ] [ Xbox ]

Xbox credits (2001)

115 people (93 professional roles, 22 thanks) with 120 credits.

Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo

Main Programming
Peripheral Programming
Sound Programming
Technical Support
Original Programming
Background Revision Design
Town Design/Modeling
Room Design/Modeling
Character Modeling
Character Motion
Drama Animation
Still Picture
Item Design / Modeling
Logo / Package Design
CGI Movie Editor
Overseas Publicity
Domestic Publicity
English Supervisor / Translator
Casting Coordinator
Motion / Voice Actor
Motion Capture Studio
  • Links DigiWorks Sakuratei
Voice Recording Studio
  • Omnibus Japan
Special Thanks to
Original Director
Scenario Writer
Monster Designer
Drama Director
All Music
All Sound Effects
Executive Producer
Internation Manager & Translator

Konami of America, Inc.

Product Manager
Associate Product Manager
EVP Sales, Marketing, Operations
VP Marketing
Director of Marketing
Production Coordinator Creative Services
Director of Public Relations
Senior Public Relations Specialist
Director of Marketing Communications
Marketing Communications Coordinator
Consumer Services
QA Manager
QA Liason
Lead Tester
Packaging & Manual Design
  • Department - X
Additional Packaging Development
  • Sato Works USA
Special Thanks
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