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Mega Man 2

aka: Mega Man II, Rock Man 2, Rockman 2, Rockman Complete Works: Rockman 2: The Enigma of Dr. Wily

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After defeating Dr. Light's six robots that were reprogrammed by the villainous Dr. Wily in Mega Man, it seemed like the world was safe. But it was not to be. Dr. Wily has escaped from prison and is madder than ever, this time creating eight new Robot Masters of his own to take over the world and crush Mega Man! Is the world doomed?

Mega Man 2 is the sequel to the NES game Mega Man. In this game, Metal Man, Air Man, Bubble Man, Quick Man, Crash Man, Flash Man, Heat Man and Wood Man are Dr. Wily's eight prize creations that have been sent to take over the world. As Mega Man defeats these bosses, he can steal their powers and use them for himself. Each Robot Master is weak against another's weapon, and through experimentation, Mega Man can gain the upper hand by using the weapon they're vulnerable against.

Other additions to the game include the 'E-Tank' - an item that can be used at any time to completely refill Mega Man's energy, and a Password System, which allows players to continue their game by recording which Robot Masters have been defeated and how many E-Tanks they have. Mega Man 2 also removes the scoring system from the original game.


  • ロックマン2 Dr.ワイリーの謎 - Japanese spelling

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Box Cover Illustrator (USA)
No. 009: Metalman
No. 010: Airman
No. 011: Bubbleman
No. 012: Quickman
No 013: Crashman
No. 014: Flashman
No 015: Heatman
No. 016: Woodman
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Keiji Inafune actually had to create Mega Man 2 on his own time, to a certain extent. The original game hadn't been successful enough to warrant a fully produced sequel, but he so wanted to create another Mega Man title, that he was given permission to work on it so long as it didn't interfere with any of his other scheduled work.


Mega Man's creator Keiji Inafune considers Mega Man 2 his favorite Mega Man game. Thanks to its creative levels, cool weapons, excellent bosses, and fantastic music.


According to publisher Capcom, Mega Man 2 has sold 1.51 million copies worldwide since its initial release (as of June 30, 2016).


  • Electronic Gaming Monthly
    • December 1989 (Issue 5) - Best Sequel to an Existing Game (tied with Ghouls 'N Ghosts)
    • November 1997 (Issue 100) - ranked #73 (Best 100 Games of All Time)
  • Game Informer Magazine
    • August 2001 (Issue 100) - voted #32 in the Top 100 Games of All Time poll

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