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Legend has it that 2000 years ago in the depths of hell, a demon rebelled against the devil, waging a one-man war in support of the human world.

In the present, Dante, a private investigator of the supernatural, realises that the devil is rallying to rise again against mankind. Deep within Dante's blood lies the power of ancient demons and as his power builds he transforms into a demon state where he can use his power against evil he encounters.

Commencing his battle against the demonic legions with just a sword and his twin pistols, Ebony and Ivory, Dante will soon come across more powerful weapons, such as a shotgun to aid him in his mission. However, to defeat the devil Dante must also discover special weapons possessing various elemental powers. When channelled correctly these weapons will allow Dante to call upon demonic energy and launch powerful attacks against a range of enemies.


  • デビルメイクライ - Japanese spelling
  • 鬼泣 - Chinese spelling (simplified)
  • 데빌 메이 크라이 - Korean spelling (Hangul)

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Stage CG Artworks - Lead Modelers
Stage CG Artworks - Castle
Stage CG Artworks - Garden
Stage CG Artworks - Wrecked Ship
Stage CG Artworks - Underworld
Stage CG Artworks - Slums
Character CG Artwork
Conceptual Design - Stage Design
Conceptual Design - Character Design
Conceptual Design - Monster Design
Motion Animation - Enemies
Motion Animation - Player
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Average score: 88% (based on 42 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 113 ratings with 7 reviews)

Finally, "survival horror" evolves in a significant way.

The Good
Resident Evil has grown stale. I could summon no enthusiasm or excitement for the recent revival of the first RE on the Gamecube. There are a number of reasons for my malaise - the fact that it's fundamentally the same game, the fact that RE2 still stands as the masterpiece of the lot - but looming above all of those is the sad, sad fact that the RE control scheme remains unchanged, and therefore terrible. "Frustrating" does not begin to describe my feelings while playing Code: Veronica as I watched my characters slowly, ponderously turning about, feebly dashing this way and that from equally feeble zombies. So thank sweet Christ for Devil May Cry. Devil May Cry is like Homo sapiens to Resident Evil's Australopithecus. Most of the same genetics are there, but the former has grown so far beyond the latter as to represent an entirely new species. In DMC, Dante, the hero, has broken the "spin, spin, move forward," control scheme. This guy can go wherever he wants. And if a monster is charging him, he just leaps out of the way, double jumps off the wall, and then cleaves the bastard in two with his sword on the way back down. Cool. Dante isn't fettered by ammunition restraints - his guns have infinite ammo. And his sword, unlike the feeble knives of REs past, is a truly kick-ass weapon. I still love hacking an opponent up into the air and then blasting the crap out of it with Dante's twin handguns. DMC is an action game that doesn't attempt to scare you, unlike RE. DMC tries to evoke "cool," and succeeds admirably. There are still few PS2 games that can rival DMC for pure action-cool.

The Bad
The plot stinks like crap. So do the voice overs. So what's new?

The Bottom Line
It's survival horror taken to the next level. Absolutely don't pass this one up if you own a PS2.

PlayStation 2 · by Lucas Schippers (57) · 2002

Almost perfect.

The Good
Almost eveything about this game was perfect. How can you go wrong with a double-gun wielding, sword swinging, half-man, half-demon hero? The FMV's are brilliant, the bosses are challenging, and the gameplay is simply magnificent. There is a perfect variation in the enemies you encounter, from malicious puppets to demonic-lizards, and many more. Bosses include a spider the size of a gas-station store, and a bird the size of a blimp, all with unique powers that they all use very effectively. And if it seems a bit unfair, don't worry. As you fight, your "devil trigger" gauge will fill up, allowing you to turn into a demon with devastating powers. An all around great action game.

The Bad
The only problems in the game are the camera and the story. Capcom used a cinematic camera in the game, giving you no control over it, and sometimes causing you to stray of course when it switches angles. The story is another problem, and while it has its plot twists and surprises here and there, it doesn't live up to the caliber of the gameplay. But these problems are incredibly minor compared to the game as a whole.

The Bottom Line
The only way I could describe this game to another who hasn't played it is to say that it is unbelievable. I don't think there are many people out there who wouldn't like this game. I loved it, and I personally think it is one of the best games for the PS2 yet.

PlayStation 2 · by DarkDove (63) · 2003

hacking away at evil bits and looking cool doing it

The Good
overall, I loved this game. the atmosphere is perfect, the controls are easy, there is more then enough variety in attacks, with more moves and weapons added as you progress in the game. this is good because most of the game involves little more then hacking, or blasting countless enemies. still, the game remains fun and replayable. there are several hidden missions to find, and different levels of play to unlock. the levels are great, and puzzles are never too hard. in fact they would be too easy if this were a puzzle-solving adventure and not just excuses to make you run from one room full of monsters to another room filled with monsters. as it is, the puzzles add variety, and lead the game along without distracting from the gameplay.

The Bad
for minor complaints: the game, at normal difficulty, is pretty difficult. there is an easy mode which should make the game fun for just about anyone but the jump from auto/easy to normal is pretty steep. over all the camera is fine, but there are a few places where it can be difficult to see where you want to. I would have preferred more control over the camera. the only major complaint I have are the is dialog, which is sometimes to bad, it distracts from the game. some of the lines are so cheesy I'm almost embarassed to be playing the game, at least until I get back into action and start enjoying myself again, but nothing breaks up the mood more then the script.

The Bottom Line
overall this game is great. the music, and the graphics, are wonderful. more than once I have come back to this game, run through it over a week or two and put it back on the shelf only to bring it back out again a month or two later. if the atmosphere suits you and you love slashing away at bad guys, I would check this title out.

PlayStation 2 · by MrBucket (20) · 2002

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1001 Video Games

Devil May Cry appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.


There is an anime series Devil May Cry released in 2007 based off of this PS2 game.


DMC's main character is named after Dante Alighieri, a famous Italian poet in the 13th century who wrote the famous poem Divina Commedia (Divine Comedy), an epic about a journey through hell. The game also makes several references to someone called Virgil, Dante's lost brother. In real life, Virgil was a Roman poet who lived around 60b.c., and whose works had a profound effect upon Dante while writing Divina Commedia.


Devil May Cry originally started out as Resident Evil 4 but the series creator (and current producer), Shinji Mikami, decided to start a new franchise when the game started going in a completely different direction than originally intended. A glitch in the game script made the enemies fly up when you would shoot them. They decided to make a new game instead of trying to fix this glitch. it became Devil May Cry and the glitch was changed into the High Time attack.


According to publisher Capcom, Devil May Cry has sold 2.16 million copies worldwide since its initial release (as of June 30, 2016).


  • EGM
    • February 2006 (Issue #200) - #161 out of 200 of the "Greatest Games of Their Time"

Information also contributed by Big John WV, David Roop, MAT and Tiago Jacques

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