Duke Nukem Forever

aka: DNF

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Average score: 59% (based on 79 ratings)

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Average score: 3.1 out of 5 (based on 92 ratings with 2 reviews)

Not a great game, but surely worth playing.

The Good
Duke Nukem forever has at moments the old classic fps feel from duke 3d and other classics. It gives surely a decent challenge for any player. It's fun to cooperate with soldiers from earth defense forces and actually feel that you are not fighting alone. It is not to short so it takes some time to play trough.

The Bad
You can't save in the game when you want, so that takes a bit away from the fun. Some of the bosses are really a pain in the neck because of that, the Alien Queen for example is really annoying and unfairly hard. The game has too much puzzle solving that do not fit into a game of this genre very good. The worst part is that you can only carry 2 guns at the same moment, this is a stupid add. One more stupid thing is that every women in forever seem to be prostitute and there are some disturbing parts in the game for sure, like the hive part for example. Underwater levels are really a pain to play trough.

The Bottom Line
Don't have to much exceptions before the game start, take it as a nostalgia trip, but be ready that it does not live up to it's predecessor, no not even nearly. It's a medicore fps, surely better than most critics gave it and worth playing trough.

Windows · by Johan Smedjebacka (5) · 2015

Not the game we were waiting for, but good enough

The Good
I wasn't too disappointed about the graphics, although they were somewhat dated as the game ran surprisingly well on my crappy laptop.

Initially the game allowed the player to carry only two weapons. Eventually, an update would allow the player to carry four with the expanded inventory setting. This was a significant improvement.

The Bad
Sudden surges in game difficulty meant that there were times when you got your ass kicked in seconds, even on "piece of cake" mode. Piece of cake, my foot.

I also thought they were trying to be funny, and their attempt at shock value didn't quite work out as planned either. A lot of the jokes just weren't funny, and I know my comedy. You cannot be funny by trying, that is rule #1 of Comedy 101.

Communicative failures meant things like exiting the whiteboard "action" may leave you stuck. It would've been better if they had included the "exit" key with the key functions display that pops up whenever you use something.

The elevator is a horrible example of the above. For many, getting past this point will be a matter of trial and error.

Speaking of trial and error, latter stages of the game will invariably have you dying multiple times in order to progress. Getting cornered by Octabrains and having your ass handed to you within seconds is not everybody's idea of a fair game. Especially at the easier skill settings.

The Bottom Line
Duke fans will want this game. It is quite playable, even replayable, and on the whole it isn't bad - it just needs a whole lot of work.

Windows · by Dave Billing (24) · 2012

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