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Mega Man 6

aka: Mega Man VI, Rockman 6: The Biggest Battle in History!!, Rockman Complete Works: Rockman 6: The Biggest Battle in History!!
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In Mega Man 6, the whole world is alive and buzzing with word of the 1st Annual Robot Design Contest. Hundreds of robot designers from all corners of the globe enter their most powerful robots into the contest in hopes of taking home the ultimate prize. The sponsor of the contest, the mysterious Mr. X, suddenly declares that he has decided on winners...and takes 8 of the Robot Masters for his own purpose...taking over the world!! Mega Man confronts him and demands an explanation, and what Mr. X replies with shocks him. Mr. X declares to Mega Man that he had been using Dr. Wily as a puppet the entire time, and now he would take over the world, and nothing could stand in his way! Mega Man finally decides to stop Mr. X once and for all, and sets off to defeat his 8 new Robot Masters and then the madman himself!

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Average score: 75% (based on 18 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 35 ratings with 2 reviews)

Not a bad game, but not a great game either.

The Good
I liked the fact that the robot masters in this game were created by contest winners who designed the robots for this game. I also liked the storyline not bad, the robot masters were somewhat challenging, and the presentation of the game wasn't bad.

The Bad
The fact that some of the weapons you received were useless. also some of the music just wasn't up to the standards, of what we saw in previous titles in the series. I feel that in this installment, it lacked the magic that the other mega man's had to offer.

The Bottom Line
I would describe this game as a rent title, meaning do not buy this title. Unless of course you're a die hard mega man fan, like me. But otherwise stay away from this game, it has nothing new to offer to the series.

NES · by David Bryan (21) · 2007

Weakest title in the NES Mega Man line up

The Good
Mega Man 6 kept all the qualities from the previous games while adding...

-Multiple paths through stages -Body attachments

The multiple paths through stages gave you reason to redo stages as special items would be placed in numerous areas (such as the letters to obtain BEAT).

The body attachments were a feature I liked a lot! They did not use up energy like weapons did. Their energy would return on its own. The rocket pack, for example, you could hover and fly through the entire stage! The attachments to Mega Man giving him new ways to move (without using up energy like a weapon) were a sweet addition.

The Bad
Capcom is running out of creativity. Um, Plant Man? Come on! The weapons were similar to those of previous Mega Man games. And the stages seemed to lack... polish.

What happened to the sound? The game's music doesn't sound right, as if Mega Man 6 was developed by someone outside of Capcom. The game control is a bit funny.

The Bottom Line
This is the weakest of the Mega Man NES titles (with the exception of the first Mega Man). With the SNES out and the NES on decline, this title was probably released sooner than it should, revealing unpolished levels and music. However, the game does introduce new gameplay with the body enhancements and the multiple level paths. If you want more Mega Man, Mega Man 6 will satisfy you.

NES · by Jonathan Hollas (24) · 2005



Mega Man 6 is the only game in the series to be exclusively licensed to Nintendo.

Manga adaption

Like Rockman 5 before it, Rockman 6 also has a manga adaptation, and like the manga for Rockman 5, it follows along with the story of the game but ups the ante by having Rockman actually talk and interact with the Wily Robots! Also like the Rockman 5 manga, you can find the Rockman 6 manga under the BomBom manga label, and it seems to also have been penned by the same guy who penned the Rockman 5 manga.


The Japanese version of Mega Man/Rockman 6 had different music during the intro. If you've played the Mega Man Anniversery Collection or the Rockman Complete Works: Rockman versions, you'll hear the difference.


This is the only NES Mega Man game not released in Europe.

Robot design contest

For the most part, most of the Wily Robots/Robot Masters from Rockman 2 onward were designed by entries to Robot Design Contests held by Capcom. However, Rockman 6 had one that was a little different. Capcom used to stick only to Japan for entries for these contests. When Rockman 6 was being designed, Nintendo of America decided to hold a design contest of their own, open to North America. Two American entries (Knight Man and Wind Man) were selected and used in the final game. All the rest are from Japanese designers.

Information also contributed by Alexander Michel and Andreas Vilén

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