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Hamilton's Great Adventure

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Hamilton's Great Adventure is a tile based puzzle game where the player takes control of adventurer Ernest Hamilton and his bird Sasha. Hamilton and his friend the professor are building a device called the transmorphanizer when someone suddenly steals an important component known as the fluxatron. Hamilton travels to the Amazon jungle where he finds that the theft is connected to a lost continent. In his quest to retrieve the fluxatron and rediscover the lost continent he will travel around the world, from the Amazon to Himalaya and Egypt.

The game consists of four locations each with twelve levels (and some bonus levels). The primary goal of each level is to navigate Hamilton through it, pick up a golden key and use it to unlock the exit. The levels consists of tiles that Hamilton walks over. Some of these will collapse as Hamilton steps on them which means that he can only move across them once or twice. Therefore it's necessary for the player to plan ahead what path to take or Hamilton might find himself at a dead end. The player doesn't only control Hamilton, but also at the same time Sasha who fly around freely and therefore can reach places that Hamilton don't have access to. Different obstacles hinders Hamilton in his movement. Doors need to be opened by jumping on switches or pulling levers. Switches are activated by Hamilton while levers can only be reached by Sasha. There are also enemies such as sentinels and agents patrolling the levels that Hamilton can't come into contact with. These can distracted by Sasha's loud screech which allows Hamilton to sneak by unnoticed. There are also some traps that Hamilton has to watch out for such as rolling boulders and sinking tiles.

Each level has plenty of treasures scattered around and a large part of the challenge is to collect as much of it as possible. By doing so the player can get a good completion rating. Treasure include silver and gold coins as well as sapphires. There is also magic dust that floats around in the sky. These can be collected by Sasha and is used to power different gadgets that Hamilton can use. There are three of these and they are unlocked as the player progresses through the game. These are the Spyglass of Ulthar which shows the right path to move through the level, the Boots of Celephais which allow Hamilton to move faster and the Mask of a Thousand Forms which is used as disguise and makes the enemy believe Hamilton is one of them.

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