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Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939-43

aka: Burning Steel: Entscheidung im Atlantik, GNBNA, Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939-1943

Specs/Attributes +


Business Model:
Minimum CPU Class Required:
Minimum OS Class Required:
Minimum RAM Required:
Media Type:
Video Modes Supported:
Screen Orientation:
Sound Devices Supported:
Input Devices Supported:
Number of Offline Players:
Notes: Requires at least:
16 MHz CPU
Full sound version requires 2 MB RAM.
8,5 MB of free HDD space.
Memory profile - with EMS: inital release recommends 700kB, from v1.2 recommends 724kB.

Attributes contributed by CygnusWolfe, Rwolf, formercontrib, Terok Nor.