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Vicky is a Polish platform game, starring a young Viking chieftain, transported to Valhalla by a bad-tempered god. In order to atone for disrespectfully landing upon the god's holy island and be freed from Valhalla, Vicky must find six items in the mazelike realm and bring them to the appropriate locations; only then the exit will open.

The game world is a randomly generated maze, populated with monsters of various kinds; touching a monster kills Vicky instantly and makes him lose a life, but monsters can be killed up close with one hit of Vicky's axe. Sometimes, slain monsters leave behind coins.

Vicky cannot jump (or fall down cliffs), and moves up and down by climbing ropes.

There are items to be found around the maze apart from the six quest items; invulnerability pickups that make Vicky immortal for a while, as well as scrolls with spells that, once picked up, stay in Vicky's inventory and can be used any number of times, but at a price. The first spell allows to see a map of the entire game world, and costs 1 coin to cast; the second spell (it can only be collected if the first has been as well) allows teleportation to any room in the maze, and costs 2 coins to cast.

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Credits (Atari 8-bit version)

Grafika (Graphics)
Muzyka (Music)



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The Atari version of the game contains a fatal bug: once a spell of teleportation is used, it's impossible to walk out of the screen where Vicky ends up (the player can still teleport out, but obviously this costs coins, which are limited). It is still possible to finish the game, by visiting the entire maze and noting down every single important quest location (and collecting lots of coins), then, at the very end, using the teleport spell to visit all these locations in order.

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