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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

aka: DX3, DXHR, Deus Ex 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Bunt Ludzkoƛci

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Windows credits (2011)

502 People (449 developers, 53 thanks)

Eidos Montreal

Game Director
Art Director
Audio Director
Production Manager
Animation Director
Art Direction Presentation
Lead Animator
Technical Director Animation
Additional Animation
Sound Designers
Additional Sound Designers
Assistant Art Director
Concept Artists
Additional Concept Artists
Lead Character Artist
Character Artists
Lead Cinematics
Storyboard Artist
Cinmatics Artist
Game Designers
Additional Game Design
Narrative Designer & Lead Writer
Narrative Designer/Writer
External Game Writers
Lead Level Artist
Level Artists
Additional Level Art
Lead Level Designer
Level Designers
Additional Level Design
Lead Lighting Artist
Lighting Artists
Additional Lighting
UI Artists
Additional UI
Lead Modeler
Additional Modeling
Production Coordinators
Lead Programmers
Additional Programming
Programming Interns
QA Technicians
Art Technical Director
Technical Artists
Additional Technical Art
Technical Director Level Design
Technical Level Designer
Lead Texture Artist
Texture Artists
Additional Texture Art
Lead VFX
VFX Artists
Voice Director
Voice Cast
Additional Voices
Assistants to Composer
Additional Music Tracks: Post Credit Bob Page Ending
Additional Music Tracks: Wayne Haas Dialog Gameplay Music
  • Goldtooth
  • Hibernum Creative
  • Digital Dimensin
  • Mobility Art Studio
  • GRIP Entertainment
  • Volta
  • Wave Generation
  • Game On Audio
  • Nixxes
  • Visual Works

Nixxes Software BX

Lead PC Programmer
PC Programmers
Additional Programming
Nixxes Technology Team
Studio Head
Special Thanks

Eidos Montreal (continued)

Production Babies
Special Thanks

"Making of..." Team

Art Director
Make-Up Artist
Sound Engineer
Executive Producer
Produced by
  • Copyright XXIX
Produced with the colaboration fo
  • MusiquePlus [part of the Astral Media Family]

Eidos Montreal (continued)

General Manager
Finance Director
IT Director
HR Director
Marketing Director
Communications Director
Marketing Game Manager
Marketing Artists
Marketing Coordinator
Community Manager
PR Manager
Playtest Manager
Technology Director
Online Suite Manager
Tech Group Programmers

Square Enix Ltd. (Europe)

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Co-Chief Operating Officer
Chief Creative Officer
Company Secretary
Life President
Group Financial Director
Group Strategic Planning Director
Group Communication Director
Vice President Brand
Chief Technical Officer
Operations Director
Head of Localisation
Localisation Manager
Localisation QA Supervisor
Creative Services
Distribution Supervisor
Head of QA
QA Project Managers
Mastering Manager

Square Enix Inc. (North America)

VP of Marketing
Assistant Product Manager
Associate Product Manager
Marketing Coordinator
Senior Director and National Sales Manager
Assistant Sales Operations Manager
Public Relations Director
Interactive Marketing Manager
Associate Interactive Marketing Manager
Creative Services Director
Localization Director
Quality Assurance Director
Quality Assurance Manager

Eidos Shanghai

Lead Artist
  • Blade 3D
  • Mineloader
Project Manager
Art Director
  • Yanshuang
Props & Concept Team Leader
  • Changning
Character Team Leader
  • Lishen
Concept Artists
Character Artists
  • Panwen
  • Wangwei
  • Zhangyu
3D Artists

GRIP Entertainment

GRIP Entertainment

Square Enix QA, Eidos Montreal

QA Manager
QA Supervisor
QA Mastering Technician
QA Leads
QA Testers
QA Compliance Supervisor
QA Compliance Team

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