Resident Evil 4

aka: Biohazard 4

Tech Specs/Attributes +

GameCube +

Video Modes Supported:
Sound Capabilities:
Input Devices Required:
Number of Offline Players:
Save Game Methods:
Notes: Memory Card - 9 Blocks

Attributes contributed by Robond, karttu, MAT.

Ratings +

GameCube +

ESRB Rating: (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence)
PEGI Rating: (Violence)
USK Rating:
CERO Rating: (Violence (暴力))
ACB Rating: (Medium Level Animated Violence)
OFLC (New Zealand) Rating: (Violence)
BBFC Rating:

Ratings contributed by Sciere, formercontrib, Hipolito Pichardo, Xoleras, Corn Popper, Silverfish, Freeman, MAT.