Dangerous Dave's Risky Rescue

aka: Dangerous Dave 3


Dangerous Dave is back in this gory and macabre side-scrolling action game. Battle wolves and other man-killing creatures with your shotgun attempting to rescue Dave's little brother Delbert from the castle of the evil Dr. Nemesis. There are eleven levels in the game and some more creatures than in the previous installments.

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Average score: 3.2 out of 5 (based on 11 ratings with 2 reviews)

Extremely Saddening Sequel to the first 2 amazing Platformers.

The Good
Really I don't think anything is good apart from graphics, they seem to look new for that age, while really nothing more is nice.

The Bad
The Gore level has gone too high, if you have read any of my reviews on FPS you'll know I hate gore, if it's little, like PoP 3D, it's fine, if it's blood not gore like Goldeneye and Delta Force, it's fine, but this game has too much gore, like if a wolf attacks you, a screen shows your head being torn off with lots of blood and your hands likewise. The game overall is too stupid, even what was supposed to be Dark Humor is NOT funny.

The Bottom Line
Not Worth playing, not worth looking at. 1/5, another dissapointment from id Software.

DOS · by Jim Fun (207) · 2001

Quite better graphics than the first three

The Good
Dave’s brother Delbert is once again kidnapped by the evil Dr. Nemesis and is taken to his castle. Dave is sick of rescuing his brother, so he goes out to defeat Dr. Nemesis and rescue his brother one last time. He has to go through 11 areas full of Nemesis’ army of thugs such as bats, spiders, hell-hounds, and zombies. When Dave uses a shotgun to kill the bastards, they leave behind a medal, which when collected scores points.

At the start of the game, Dave has four lives. And speaking of lives, he gets an extra life for every 20,000 points he earns, or by collecting red hats. To help boost his score, Dave can get such goodies as oysters, craws, TVs, radio, chests, bottles of Jack Daniels, flags, and six packs of beer. Some of the items are hidden and can be revealed when Dave collects a rabbit foot, or opens a closet.

Unlike the other three Dangerous Dave games, Dave has a limited supply of ammo. He starts out with six bullets, but can get more if he finds ammo scattered throughout each area. Every six bullets Dave uses up, he has to stand still so that he can put six more bullets in.

You exit each area by going through a wooden exit door. But a few of them are locked. So to unlock them, you have to find and collect a key. This also applies to some doors throughout the level that lead to rooms chock full of goodies.

Like the previous Dangerous Dave games, Dave Goes Nutz, you have the option of playing with the Sound Blaster. When you have Sound Blaster turned on, you’ll discover that there are more sound effects added. For example, when Dave falls at long distances and is about to die, you hear him say “Bang” for some reason. You also have the option of saving your game, but only at the beginning of the current area.

The graphics in this game have more detail than the previous game. Most of the areas are set outside, but only a few of them are set somewhere in the castle or the catacombs.

Like the previous game, the Dangerous Dave team threw in some cheat codes for your own enjoyment. You can get free items, warp to another level, or play god. During the game, you can check on your status, which displays your score, what score do you need to get to gain an extra life, how much ammo and keys you got, and more. Also on the status screen, the designer added comments, which give you a hint about how to complete an area.

The Bad
There’s really nothing I noticed.

The Bottom Line
As the fourth and final installment of the Dangerous Dave series, this is probably the best of the lot. Much more sound and graphics added. If you liked Dangerous Dave #3, you’ll like this one. ***

DOS · by Katakis | カタキス (43051) · 2003

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