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Killer Loop

aka: Magforce Racing, YARG
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Windows credits (1999)

74 people (44 professional roles, 30 thanks) with 95 credits.

Product Manager (VCC)
Project Leader
Game Idea & Concept Design
  • Free Electric Band
Main Programming
Track Design & Modeling
3D Design & Modeling
3D Graphics Optimizing
Additional Graphics
Vehicle Physics Adjustment
Gameplay Adjustment
Vehicle Design & Modeling
Menu Design & Programming
Physics Engine Programming
Effects Programming
Tools Programming
AI Programming
Additional Programming
Intro Sequence
Intro Postproduction
Intro Music
Intro SFX
Sound Effects

Crave Entertainment European Unit

Operations Director
Public Relations
Localisation Management

Special thanks from Crave Entertainment

Special thanks to
Special Special Thanks to
Thanks in advance
  • Pickle and Erica[at Bill Linn PR]

Special thanks from VCC

Special thanks to

Crave Entertainment US Unit

Executive Producer (Crave)
Associate Producer
QA Manager
QA Testers
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Special Thanks for German interpreting
Marketing Services Manager
Creative Assistant
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