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Nintendo 3DS credits (2011)

311 people (276 professional roles, 35 thanks) with 314 credits.

Griptonite Games

Lead Artist
Lead Designer
Lead Programmers
Gameplay Programmer
Lead Animator
Environment Artists
Lead Content Designer
Content Designer
UI Artist
Japanese Calligraphy
Audio Manager
Sound Design
Additional Programming
Challenge Map Design
Additional Design
Additional Art
  • Tose Software [Shanghai] Co. Ltd.
  • Kaliya K.K.
Engine Programming Lead
Engine Programmers
Engine Programming Intern
Testing Lead
Software Testers
Certification Group Manager
Certification Testers
Griptonite Studio Head
Studio Development Directors
Studio Technical Director
Studio Art Director
Studio Design Director
Production Manager
Tools and Pipeline Manager
Studio Tools Team
Studio Coordinator
Finance Managers
Studio Head: Griptonite India
VP of Studios
Special Thanks

SEGA of America: Production

Associate Producer
Development Director
Creative Director
Directory of Technology
Development Operations Director

SEGA of America: Publishing

Senior VP of Publishing & Licensing
Publishing Director
Publishing Assistant
Executive VP of Marketing and Sales
VP of Digital Distribution
Senior Director of Marketing
Senior Brand Manager
Senior Public Relations Manager
Public Relations Manager
Business Dev Director, Mobile
Creative Services Director
Production Manager
Graphic Designer
Advertising Production Specialist
Video Production Manager
Assistant Editor
Senior Web Producer
Lead Flash Developer
Senior Web Designer
Media and Events Manager
1st Party Manager
Assistant 1st Party Manager
Senior Director of Sales
Senior Director of Sales Operations
Director of Channel Marketing
Channel Marketing Manager
Senior Finance Manager
Senior Operations Manager
Senior Purchasing Coordinator
Inventory and Materials Coordinator
Senior Director Business Operations
Manager, Research and Analysis
Senior Sales Analyst Digital
Manager, Consumer Research
Licensing Manager
Licensing Specialist
Customer Support Manager
Community Manager
Direcor of Legal
Legal Counsel
IT Director
Network Manager
Applications Manager

SEGA of America: Quality Assurance

QA Manager
QA Supervisors
QA Lead
QA Assistant Lead
QA Testers
Standards Supervisor
Standards Lead
Standards Assistant Lead
Standards Testers
Additional Testing
  • Akihabara QA Team
Mastering Supervisor
Mastering Lab Technician
Hardware Supervisor
Hardware Technician
Special Thanks

SEGA of America: Corporate Management

COO & President
HR Director

SEGA of Japan: OCB Division

Department Manager
Team Manager
Associate Manager

SEGA Europe Limited

SVP of Production
SVP of Marketing
Technical Director
Senior Producer
Publishing Manager
SVP of Business Planning and Operations
Head of Business Analysis
Purchasing Manager
Production Manager
Head of Brand Marketing, Core Gaming
Senior Brand Manager
Brand Manager
Head of PR
Senior PR Manager
European PR Executive
Community Officer
Head of Creative Services
Creative Services
Head of Online
Online Lead Designer
Online Lead Developer
Head of Legal & Business Affairs
Legal Counsel
Legal Executive
Licensing Manager
Head of Development Services
Resource Manager
Localisation Manager
Localisation Project Manager
Assistant Localisation Managers
Mastering and Equipment Manager
Senior Mastering Technician
Assistant Mastering Technicians
Project Lead
Functionality Supervisor
Project Monitor
Senior Tester
Standards Supervisor
Standards Coordinator
Senior Standards Technician
Standards Technicians
Language QA Supervisor
Language Team Lead
Language Assistant Team Leads
Language Testers
Administration and Finance Coordinator
QA Administrator
Shift Monitor


UK Managing Director
UK Marketing Director
UK Senior Product Manager
UK PR Manager

SEGA International

International Sales Director
Head of International Sales
International Account Executive
International Product Manager
International PR Manager
International Sales Administrator

SEGA Germany

Managing Director
Head of Marketing
Product Manager
Senior PR Manager
Senior PR Executive

SEGA Spain

Managing Director
Marketing Director
Senior Product Manager
PR Manager

SEGA Benelux

Managing Director
Head of Marketing
PR Manager

SEGA France

General Director (Directeur Général)
Marketing Director (Responsable Marketing)
Product Manager (Chef de Produits)
PR Director (Responsable PR)
Press Officer (Attachée de Presse)

SEGA Australia

Managing Director
Marketing Manager
PR Manager

SEGA of Japan

Product Managers
Sales & Planning
PR & Promotion
QA Supervisors
QA Testers
Package & Manual Production
Special Thanks
Chief Producers
Executive Supervisors
Executive Producer
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Credits contributed by Patrick Bregger, Mtik333.