Moby ID: 53570

Nintendo 3DS version

A worthy & fun entry in the Shinobi series & one of the best even. Plenty of classic & plenty of freshness.

The Good
Adjustable difficulty. Great control & variety of attacks. Action packed pace! Has a handful of some of the hardest platforming ever, where first you have to figure out how then you actually have to pull them off. There is a stage that crosses over with Afterburner as you face ninjas on the back of a flying jet plane.

The Bad
No ability to run. Shurikens recharge instead of having you collect them, ok overall but there are too many times you wish you didn't have to wait around to get them back. The stages feel quite long but do offer a sense of accomplishment & relief when you beat them. The grappling hook is rarely a necessity. The 3D effect was inconsistent & usually unimpressive. One boss, Super Soldier, has a tedious attack pattern with lots of annoying yells, very reminiscent of Iron Man X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal.

The Bottom Line
Good enough to have been a direct sequel to Shinobi III or Legions. Shares the most in common with Shinobi III of all in the series but misses the atmosphere, tight level design, & thrilling bosses of that game. If you prefer pace & action to stealth & tact this may be the 2nd best in the series.

by Emperor MAR (2598) on October 29th, 2016

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