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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

aka: Uncharted 3 : L'Illusion de Drake, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Remastered, Uncharted 3: La Traición de Drake, Uncharted 3: Oszustwo Drake'a, Uncharted 3: illuzii Dreika, Uncharted: Sabaku ni Nemuru Atlantis

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PlayStation 3 credits (2011)

1,386 People (1,340 developers, 46 thanks)

Naughty Dog, Inc.

Creative Director
Game Director
Art Direction
Lead Programmers
Lead Texture Artist
Lead Audio
Lead Cinematic Animator
Lead Gameplay Animator
Lead Game Designers
Lead Technical Artists
Lead Character Artist
Lead Technical Character Artist
Lead Lighting Artist
Lead Visual Effects
Cinematic Production Lead
Director of Information Technology
Additional Programming
Game Designers
Cinematic Animators
Gameplay Animators
Environment Modelers
Technical Artists
Shader/Texture Artists
Lighting Artists
Character Artists
Character TD
Concept Artists
Visual Effects Artists
Dynamics Artists
Marketing Artist
Localization Manager
Web Developer
Systems Administrators
QA managers
Senior QA
Community Strategist
Director of Operations
Senior Recruiter
Operations Specialist
Production Support
Sound Editing / Integration
Dialog Supervision
Dialog Designer/Integrator
ICE Team Lead
ICE Team
Company Mascots, Morale Builders and Food Patrol
  • Pogo
  • Trumpet
Additional Concept Design
Additional Lighting
Additional Gameplay Animation
Additional Cinematic Animation
Additional Character TD
Additional Character Art
Additional Game Design
Additional Editing
Additional Sound Design
Additional Technical Art
Additional Production Assistance
Additional Recruiting
QA Testers
Additional QA
Written by
Music Composed by
Motion Capture
Voice Direction
Additional Co-op Cast
Hired Thugs
Marlowe's Agents
Indian Ocean Pirates
Multiplayer Announcer
Multiplayer Characters
Additional Multiplayer Cast
Yemeni Citizens/Bedouin Riders
Colombian Citizens
Walla Casting and Voice Direction
Walla Group - Arabic
Walla Group - Colombia
Stunt Performers
Additional Motion Capture
Talent Casting & Coordination
Union Signatory
  • Neat Deal Productions
Ethnic Voice Casting & Translation Services
  • Nandinee Productions
Middle East Consultant
Colombia Consultant
Extra Special Thanks
  • All of Naughty Dog's Friends and Family
Special Thanks
  • Guerrilla Games
  • Media Molecule
  • Sony Santa Monica
  • Insomniac Games
  • Sucker Punch Productions
  • Ready At Dawn Studios
  • Bungie
  • Respawn
  • Fracture FX
  • Mitchell; Silberberg & Knupp LLP
  • John Crompton (Crompton & Associates)
  • Havok
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Subway

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios

President, Worldwide Studios

Sony Computer Entertainment World Wide Studios America

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Studios America
Senior Director, Product Development Studio
Director of Product Development
Senior Staff Producer
Associate Producer
Assistant Producers
Senior Staff Technical Project Manager
Senior Manager Technical Project Manager
Senior Technical Project Manager
Senior Business Finance & Operations Manager
Associate Technical Project Manager
User Research Manager
Software Planning Manager
Production Coordinator

Sony Computer Entertainment World Wide Studios JAPAN Studio

Senior Vice President, JAPAN Studio
Vice President, External Development Department
Associate Producers, External Development Department
Design Group
Online Planning Group
Audio Localization Manager
Audio Localization
Video Production
Dubbing Production
  • AC Create Co. Ltd.
Dubbing Director
Dubbing Coordinators
Recording Studio
  • Tokyo TV Center
Voice Over Talent
QA Director
QA Manager
QA Testers
Vice President, Global Platform
Senior Director, First Party Quality Assurance
Director, First Party Quality Assurance
Senior Manager of QA Operations
QA Test Manager
QA Test Nanager; TRC Test Team
QA Test Supervisor
QA Test Supervisor; TRC Test Team
Lab Technicians
Inventory Control Analyst
Lead Quality Assurance Tester
Senior Quality Assurance Testers
Quality Assurance Testers
Quality Assurance Testers (uncredited)
Lead Quality Assurance Testers, TRC Test Team
Senior Quality Assurance Testers, TRC Test Team
Contingent Game Test, TRC Test Team
QA Manager, Advanced Test Team
Lead Network Test Engineer
Network Test Engineer
Automation Test Engineers

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan

Marketing Department
Sales Department
Special Thanks


Sound Design by
  • Technicolor Game Sound Services
Mix by
  • Technicolor Game Sound Services
Dialogue Recording by
  • Technicolor Game Sound Services
Director, Audio Services
Supervising Sound Editor
Re-recording Mixer
Additional Re-recording Mixer
Sound Design and Editing
Foley Editor
Foley Stage
  • Technicolor Montreal
ADR & VO Recordist
Additional Recording
Production Coordinators
Dialogue Editors
Additional Foley by
  • Post Creations

Art Outsourcing - Xpec Entertainment Inc.

Business Development
Art Directors
Project Managers
Project Coordinator
Art Leads

Art Outsourcing - Virtuos Ltd.

Chief Executive Officer
Producing Director
Art Directors
General Manager, North America
Art Team Lead

Art Outsourcing - Exigent Computer Software (Shanghai) Inc.

Art Director
Art Lead

Art Outsourcing - Ladyluck Digital Media

Vice President
Project Manager
Studio Head
Lead Environment Artists
Senior Character Artists
Senior Environment Artists
Environment Artists
Props Artists

Art Outsourcing - Original Force Ltd.

Art Directors
Team Leaders

Art Outsourcing - Secret 6, Inc.

Production Manager
Modeling Team Lead
Texture Team Lead
Special Thanks

Product Development Service Group

Vice President, Technology
Chief Technology Officer
Director of Service Groups
Director of Music
Senior Music Manager
Score Produced by
Associate Music Supervisor
Music Integration
Score Mixed and Edited by
Music Editors
Manager, Music and Licensing
A&R Manager
Music Department Project Manager
Senior Music Licensing Coordinator
Music Department Coordinator
Music Department Assistant
Music Interns
Original Score Composed by
Additional Music by
Music Arranged by
Music Orchestrated by
Ethnic Woodwinds
Ethnic Strings
Guitar Viol
Drums and Percussion
Score Recorded at
  • East West Studios - Los Angeles
Score Recorded by
Orchestra Leader
Orchestra Conducted by
Orchestral Score Recorded at
  • Abbey Road Studios - London
Orchestral Score Recorded by
Assistant Scoring Engineer
Pro Tools Recordist
Studio Manager, Abbey Road Studios
Orchestral Contractor
Assistant Orchestral Contractor
Senior Manager, Sound
Sound Design Manager
Senior Sound Designer
Sound Design
Dialog Editing
Dialog Integration
Senior Manager, Visual Arts Services Group
Manager, Animation
Animation Supervisor
Animation Producers
Solving Supervisor
Solving Coordinator
Solving Lead
Motion Edit Manager
Motion Edit Lead
Motion Editors
Camera Layout Supervisor
Camera Layout Artists
Sequence Supervisor
Animation Coordinators
Senior Animation Leads
Animation Leads
Motion Capture Manager
Motion Capture Associate Project Manager
Culver City - Motion Capture Studio Supervisor
Culver City - Lead Studio Technician
Culver City - Studio Technicians
Culver City - Key Production Assistants
Culver City - Production Assistants
Culver City - Costumers
Culver City - Stunt Coordinator
Culver City - Stunt Riggers
Culver City - Lead Camera Operator
Culver City - Camera Operators
Culver City - Video Assistant
San Diego - Lead Studio Technician
San Diego - Senior Studio Technician
San Diego - Senior Trackers
San Diego - Trackers
Art - Art Manager
Art - Lighting Supervisor
Art - Lighters
Art - Materials Lead
Art - Shader Lead
Art - Associate Producers
Art - Coordinators
Technical Art - Manager
Technical Art - Maya Technical Director
Technical Art - Technical Project Supervisor
Technical Art - Associate Producer
Technical Art - Maya TD's
Technical Art - Motion Editors
Technical Art - Senior Motion Capture TD
Technical Art - Junior Technical Artists
Manager, Pipeline & Tools
Lead Pipeline Engineer
Pipeline Engineer
Business Systems Analyst
Studio Support - Project Manager
Studio Support - Department Assistants
Studio Support - Studio Recruiter
Studio Support - WFL On-site HR
Multimedia - Senior Manager
Multimedia - Manager (FC)
Multimedia - Video Production Supervisor
Multimedia - Segment Director
Multimedia - Motion Graphics
Multimedia - Compositing
Multimedia - Art Director
Multimedia - Post Production Editors
Multimedia - Manager (SD)
Multimedia - Production Supervisor
Multimedia - Lead Video Technician
Multimedia - Video Technicians
Multimedia - Motion Designer
Multimedia - Video Editors
Product Development Services Group Support - Manager, PDSG Operations
Product Development Services Group Support - Project Manager
Product Development Services Group Support - Technical Intern
Online Technology Group - Director
Online Technology Group - Director, Tools & Technology Group
Online Technology Group - Senior Managers
Online Technology Group - Manager, Operations Engineering Validation
Online Technology Group - Audio Team Senior Manager
Online Technology Group - Audio Team
Online Technology Group - Platform Architecture Manager
Online Technology Group - Platform Architecture
Online Technology Group - Game Tech Team Manager
Online Technology Group - Game Tech Team
Online Technology Group - Ship WWS Collaboration Web Team Manager
Online Technology Group - Ship WWS Collaboration Web Team
Operations Engineering - Online Technology Group

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe

SVP WWS, Europe
Executive Producer
Senior Producer
Online Producer
Senior Localization Project Manager
Assistant Localization project Manager

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe - Legal and Business Affairs

General Counsel
Vice President
Director of Intellectual Property & Technology
Legal & Business Affairs Associate
Data Protection Officer

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe - PSN Store Operations

PSN Store Co-ordinators
PSN Store Assistants
Digital Asset Team Assistants
Content Operations Manager
Technical Co-ordinator
PSN Shop Operations Assistant
Promotions Co-ordinator
PSN Store Operations Manager

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe - Creative Services Group WWS, Europe

Creative Services Manager
Sound Designer
Audio Director

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe - Behind the Scenes and Trailer Video Support

Video Designer
Production Assistant
Motion Graphic Artist
Senior Video Designer
Motion Graphics Manager
Film Manager
Video Manager

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe - Online Services Group

Director of Online Services Group
Head of Online Service Delivery
Online Service Desk
Home Operations Manager
Beta Trial Coordinator
Home Operations Team
Web & Email Services Manager
Web & Email Services Team
Online Analytics
Reporting Manager
Online Communities Manager
Community Managers
Community Management Technical Lead
Community Assistant
United States
Project Managers
Business Analyst
Ad Sales Coordinator

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Asia

Executive Producer
Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia - Producer
Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia - Director
Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia - Localization Coordinators
Korea - Assistant Producer
Korea - Localization Coordinator

Global Platform

Manager, Online Support
Lead Online Support Analysts
Senior Online Support Analysts
Manager, Release Management
Senior Release Manager
Associate Release Managers
Manager, Support Services
DevSuite Web Administrators
Senior Translator
Associate Translator
Senior Director, Worldwide Studios Global IT
Director, Product Development IT America
Studio IT System Administrators
Manager, Product Development IT Engineering
Engineering Systems Administrators
Senior Manager, PDIT Architecture
UNIX System Administration
Manager, Network Engineering
Network Engineers
Director, WWS Global Hosting Services
Senior Manager, US Hosting Services
Manager, Database Systems
Hosting Engineers
Manager, Network Operations Center

Enzyme Testing Lab Inc.

Director - Production
Head of Production
Project Managers
Lead Tester
Database Technicians

First Party Quality Assurance Europe

Department Assistant
Planning and Release Manager
Senior Planning and Release Coordinator
Planning and Release Coordinator
Senior Test Manager
Senior Localization Test Manager
Functional Testing Supervisor
Functional Testing Lead
Functional Senior Testers
Functional Testers
Technical Team Supervisor
TRC Testing Leads
TRC Testers
NTT Lead Tester
NTT Testers
Vendor Auditor
Localization Testing Supervisors
Localization Testing Leads
Localization Testers

First Party Quality Assurance Asia

Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia - Localization Testers
Korea - Quality Assurance Manager
Korea - Quality Assurance Assistant Manager
Korea - First Party Quality Assurance Testing Supervisor
Korea - Testers

Sony Computer Entertainment America

Vice President, Product Marketing
Director, Software Product Marketing
Senior Manager, Product Marketing
Manager, Product Marketing
Associate Product Marketing Manager
Product Marketing
Senior Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media
Director, Product Publicity
Manager, Public Relations
Senior Specialist, Public Relations
Senior Manager, Social Media
Senior Specialists, Social Media
Senior Director, Marketing Alliances & Activation
Manager, Marketing Programs
Senior Manager, Media Partnerships
Managers, Brand Alliances
Senior Specialists, Client Services
Senior Partnership Specialist
Specialists, Media Partnerships
Director, Channel Marketing and Events
Events Manager, Channel Marketing and Events
Senior Event Planner, Channel Marketing & Events
Events Specialist, Channel Marketing & Events
Managers, Channel Marketing
Senior Specialist, Channel Marketing
Director, Consumer Insights
Senior Analyst, Consumer Insights
Creative Services Team
Director, Licensing
Manager, Licensing
Licensing Coordinator
Manager, Video Assets
Producer, Video Assets
Video Services Team
Senior Director, PlayStation Network
Director, PSN Marketing
Specialist, Loyalty Programs
Senior Manager, Web Strategy and Services
Executive Producer, PlayStation Network
Director, PlayStation HOME
PlayStation HOME

SCEA Legal - Legal and Business Affairs

General Counsel, Legal & Business Affairs
Deputy General Counsel, Legal & Business Affairs
Director, Legal and Business Affairs Music Licensing
Director, Legal & Business Affairs
Director, Corporate Compliance and Employment Law
Corporate Counsels, Legal & Business Affairs
Manager, Legal & Business Affairs
Senior IP Paralegal, Legal & Business Affairs
Senior Paralegal
Paralegal, Music Licensing
Paralegal, Legal & Business Affairs
Legal Administrative Assistant

Sony Computer Entertainment Latin America

Senior Director, Latin America
General Manager, Latin America
Marketing and Communications Manager
Product Marketing Manager
Web Associate Manager
Social Media Associate Manager
Marketing Specialist

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Marketing Manager
European Marketing Manager
Senior Product Manager
Product Managers
Head of Communications
PR Manager
Graphic Designer
New Release Manager
Senior New Release Assistant

Sony Computer Entertainment Asia

China - Sales
China - Marketing
Korea - Graphic Designers
Korea - Sales Managers
Korea - Sales Planning
Korea - Marketing Manager
Korea - Software Marketing
Korea - Public Relations
Special Thanks
Extra Special Thanks - Executive Management Team

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