Orcs Must Die!

aka: Orcs Must Die! Śmierć orkom
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Windows credits (2011)

167 people (77 professional roles, 90 thanks) with 175 credits.

Robot Entertainment

Board Member
Community / Web
Dev Support
Office Admin

Sound & Music

SFX (Gl33k)
Music (Gl33k)
The Game Sound Smith

Voice Recording Studio - Okratron 5000

Voice Director
Voice Casting
Recording Engineer
Dialog Editor


Elf Archer

Credits Music

Written by
Performed by


Additional Programming - Pixelocity Software
Additional Testing

Special Thanks to

Jerome K. Jones
  • Cyndie
  • Pep
  • Jesse and Grandma Jackie
Justin Korthof
  • Deborah
  • London
  • and Liam
David Leary
  • For Shannon and Nate [when he's old enough]
Lance Hoke
  • Dana
  • Ian
  • Julia and Margo.
  • All my love.
  • LDL
Mike McGlumphy
  • 'Hi
  • Emma and Laura!'
Bart Tiongson
  • Chantal
  • thank you for understanding that sometimes I can be ogre. And to my little orcs; Kaiya
  • Skye
  • and Logan.
  • I love you guys.
Rob Fermier
  • Elise
  • Xavier
  • and Xander!
Marcin Szymanski
  • 'Thanks to me! Yes
  • me.'
Won Choi
  • my friends and family. Robot Rocks!!!
Shovaen Patel
  • My siblings -- Mausami
  • Sonam
  • and Yash; and my parents
Chris Moffitt
  • my wife and son for all the love and support.
  • Huge props to Robot for being the coolest place to work on the planet!
Chris Rippy
  • Tania
  • Emily
  • and Alex...
  • Thanks.
Gene Kohler
  • Jake
  • my son
  • for rocking the house down. You're the best!
Roy Rabey
  • Tammy
  • thank you for supporting me. Love
  • Roy.
Eric Best
  • Lisa
  • Lucas
  • and Collin - I love you guys!
Paul Slusser
  • Kim Slusser (my loving wife)
  • and our two adorble children Shea and Brooke.
  • Oh and my cat
  • 2 hamsters and hermit crab.
Harter Ryan
  • Julie
  • Gillian
  • Griffin
  • Family & friends
Nathan Stefan
Dion Hopkins
  • my amazing wife Tamara & The Doodles. And Cake Balls
Juan Martinez
  • my wife for her love and support.
Charles Tinney
  • Mama and Baby Orc never hold it against me when I kill other Orcs. For that I give them a big scratchy
  • hairy orc smooch
Wally Wachi
  • Cyd
  • our two dogs and both our families for all their love and support
Zeke Marks
  • all the orcs who sacrified themselves
Tim Deen
  • my wife Huiying and my son Donavan as this is our first game together as a family
Mike Daly
  • Amanda
  • for putting up with the move
Patrick Hudson
  • Andrea
  • Cole and Claire for your love and support
Andrew Olson
Bryan Hehmann
  • Jaime
  • Analla
  • Nico
  • Snot
  • Tiberius
Duncan Stanley
  • My dearest friends
  • enemies
  • lovers and haters: thank you
Lizette Atkinson
  • this awesome place I get to come to everyday called . And to my beautiful family!
Chris Stark
  • Mom
  • Shawn
  • Amanda
  • and Kaylie for their love and support.
  • Everyone at Robot for being awesome.
  • The orcs for dying
Sung Yi
Terry Wallace
  • My wife Shellie and my daughter Xena did all my work
Stephen Clayburn
  • my wife Genie and daughters Sabrina & Annalise for all their love
  • encouragement
  • and support!
Special thanks to
  • The Robot Entertainment community who have faithfully supported us on our new adventures
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