Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

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Doctor Doom and Dormammu, two known Marvel villains, joined forces with a variety of other Marvel villains with intentions to invade the Capcom universe - but when they met the shady Albert Wesker of the Resident Evil series, they then decided to unite their two Earths into one. Such a plan caught the attention, however, of Galactus, the notorious Devourer of Worlds. Sensing a catastrophe was in the works, he made a plan of his own - to destroy both worlds. Now the finest characters from the worlds of Marvel and Capcom, both heroes and villains alike, must stop this looming threat before everything is lost!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds is a fighting game focused on many characters under the Marvel and Capcom licenses. They are split half and half between Marvel and Capcom characters, and the roster features characters that most everyone will know, such as Captain America, Dante, Deadpool, Phoenix, and many more. The game has an online and offline mode. In the latter, players can challenge the computer (in Arcade or Versus), or challenge a friend locally, as well as complete missions to learn the characters' move sets. In the online mode, players can challenge online friends, and random strangers, as well as completing special events. The storyline is different for every character in Arcade mode, which has a three-person team of the player's choosing fight through 6 battles to reach the final battle with Galactus. If Galactus is defeated, the player receives the ending of the character that struck the killing blow. Each character ending presents their own motivations, and helps to unlock the many extras this game has to offer.

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There are a total of 38 playable characters available in this game, counting the two DLC of Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath. By series and in alphabetical order, they are as follows:

Marvel Characters * Avengers: Captain America, Iron Man, Taskmaster * Fantastic Four: Doctor Doom, Super-Skrull * Doctor Strange: Dormammu * X-Men: Magneto, Phoenix/Dark Phoenix, Storm, Wolverine, X-23 * Recurring characters: M.O.D.O.K., Shuma-Gorath * Self-titled: Deadpool, Incredible Hulk, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor

Capcom Characters * Street Fighter: Akuma, Chun-Li, Crimson Viper, Ryu * Resident Evil: Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine * Ōkami: Amaterasu * Ghosts n' Goblins: Arthur * Devil May Cry: Dante, Trish * Darkstalkers: Felicia, Hsien-Ko, Morrigan Aensland * Final Fight: Mike Haggar * Bionic Commando: Nathan "Rad" Spencer * Mega Man: Tron Bonne, Zero * Viewtiful Joe: Viewtiful Joe


According to publisher Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds has sold 2.2 million copies worldwide since its initial release (as of June 30, 2016).


  • 4Players
    • 2011 – Best Beat'em-Up of the Year

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