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Castle Warrior

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ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) (825 out of 1000) (82%)

Sound easy - but it will take quite a few sessions to beat this little number. Castle Warrior is a most coin-op-like concoction. It achieves high levels of graphics, animation, and sound but is aimed squarely at the gamer who wants to test his reflexes alone - leaving his intellect for other pursuits or slightly more cerebral software.

Oct 1989 · Amiga · read review

Your Amiga (75 out of 100) (75%)

Although the game has good graphics, apparently, the programmers have managed to get more colours on the screen than are seen in most games, and the music is good and stirring although the action is rather stilted at times and everything actually freezes when you swing your sword and doesn't start again until you next press the button. Perhaps this shows different software tastes or a lack of understanding of the UK market. Hopefully, Delphine will learn from its UK partner and produce games that not only look and sound good but play well as well.

Oct 1989 · Amiga · read review

Amiga Joker (65 out of 100) (65%)

Irgendwie fehlt das Game hinter all den herrlichen Effekten, und wenn ich noch die unerfreuliche Steuerung addiere, bleiben nur sehr wenige Gründe, meinen fünf Prinzen-Leben – die übrigens meist recht flott ausgehaucht waren – dicke Krokodilstränen nachzuweinen.

Oct 1989 · Amiga · read review

One, The (61 out of 100) (61%)

Most of us yearn for a more interactive form of "movie", but maybe this sort of game should be left to the memory abundant laser disc systems. Or maybe we should make software more like games and less like movies.

Sep 1989 · Amiga · read review

Amiga User International (6 out of 10) (60%)

You don't need much of a brain yourself to play this game, but you do need fast reflexes to get to the final screen. It's a bit of a challenge as the 3D effects of sprites moving towards you are difficult to judge. Like everything though, practice makes perfect and this game will take that, lots of practice. Although I was not entirely hooked on the gameplay I just loved the music. Enough to keep coming back again and again.

Oct 1989 · Amiga · read review

ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (6.4 out of 12) (53%)

Trotz des besseren Sounds halte ich die Amiga-Version für überteuert, denn sie kostet 20 (!) Steine mehr als die ST-Fassung! CASTLEWARRIOR ist ein SOFT-Cocktail, der aber noch lange nicht zum Longdrink wird. Schade eigentlich, denn von den Bio-Challenge-Leuten hätte ich mehr erwartet.

Sep 1989 · Amiga

Amiga Format (53 out of 100) (53%)

Unfortunately, good looks and good sounds aren't everything. Despite the slick presentation, there's quite a bit missing from the gameplay. The first level moves annoyingly slowly: you find yourself instinctively pushing the joystick forward to move things along faster! The second level looks good, but unfortunately the sheer lack of content makes it very boring after a while and since the fourth level is almost identical in every respect except the graphic, the same applies. This rather lowers the lastability of the game, and as such decreases your value for money considerably. Still, it's well presented, and if you place importance on high-class graphics and sound you'll find it more enjoyable than would someone who couldn't care less as long as it plays well.

Nov 1989 · Amiga · read review

Commodore User (47 out of 100) (47%)

The trouble with multi-games like this is well documented: the more games you get, the crappier those individual games tend to be. Castle Warrior is no exception to this, although it is at least well presented. There's also a jumping and rushing across the screen stage. This is an improvement from the constant 3-D stuff, but it would hardly make a budget game on its own. Games manufacturers are going to have to come to terms with the fact that we've all seen games like these before. Packaging them together, and even doing it well doesn't fool anybody.

Sep 1989 · Amiga · read review

Amiga Computing (45 out of 100) (45%)

The only saving grace, sound-wise, is the inclusion of Delphine's funky saxophone on the high score sheet. When you offset this against the exceptionally dire drum effects, the sound's a bummer. If you're after a Kick-the-Necromancer-in-the-Balrogs type game, Castle Warrior probably won't do anything for you. Mind you, after the rather astonishingly clever Bio Challenge, Delphine has set itself a hard act to follow.

Oct 1989 · Amiga · read review

Power Play (39 out of 100) (39%)

Die Grafik ist gut; ein großes Lob auch an den Musiker Jean Baudlot, der schon den Sound-Track zu “Bio Challange“ schuf. Wegen der spielerischen Schwächen kann man “Castle Warrior“ jedoch getrost im Regal stehenlassen.

Oct 1989 · Amiga · read review

Australian Commodore and Amiga Review N/A

Graphics are okay, though they contain little colour, mostly dull greys and purples to give atmosphere. Sound FX are totally unremarkable. Worse, the two-player game sometimes ignores the second joystick port altogether... fine if you make sure you get the joystick in port one, but otherwise a poor piece of programming.

Apr 1990 · Amiga · read review

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