Legend of the Lost


In Legend of the Lost, the player takes control of Jack who has to rescue his girlfriend Jane. She got lost in the African jungle and now he has to solve seven levels with four gameplay mechanics:

  • A horizontally scrolling shooter. Here the player simply has to survive until the destination point is reached. Contact with an enemy plane or one of their bullets is instant death, but the player has a gun to shoot back.
  • During the second scene, Jake has to survive rhino attacks. They enter the screen from left or right, then the player has to draw the gun, manually aim and shoot. Jake can also be moved left or right.
  • When climbing a mountain, the player needs to move through narrow paths without falling down. Besides moving, crouching and jumping are also viable moves.
  • The last mini game is set in a cave in which Jake searches for his girlfriend. The player needs to find a way through this maze-life structure while dodging enemies. Different parts of the cave are reached by climbing ladders.

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  • ST Format
    • August 1991 (Issue #8) - #6 Worst Atari ST Game of all time (Editorial staff vote)

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