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The Final Battle

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The Final Battle is the successor to Legend of the Sword. In the last game, five heroes managed to foil the plans of the evil wizard Suzar. Now he has returned, captured the party and threw them in his dungeon. The player takes the role of one of the group, with the goal to free his comrades, explore the island and stop the threat once and for all.

The main difference to the predecessor is the isometric perspective and a completely icon-driven interface. To interact with the environment, first a click on the ícon and then on the item or person in the playfield is necessary. The puzzles are inventory-based, but the environment plays a big role in the problems and their solutions: the game features a day/night-cycle and a weather system. The people to be freed have different abilities which need to be used for puzzle solving. Despite the perspective, the current group leader is not on screen and the player is meant to see through his/her eyes.

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Credits (Atari ST version)

4 People

Game design, concept
Additional graphics and maps
Manual: written and designed by
  • The Word Factory



Average score: 52% (based on 5 ratings)

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