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aka: Rockman X6

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GameZone (8.5 out of 10)

Mega Man X6 is the kind of game you can’t get out of your mind. Though frustration may make you set it down (I limited myself to about an hour a run) it’s a game you can always come back to.

Jan 5th, 2002 · PlayStation · read review

Gamezilla (82 out of 100)

This game is full of great gameplay and action, great graphics, great sound, great control, and great frustration. I think the only thing keeping Mega Man X6 from being a great overall game, though, is making it pretty inaccessible to inexperienced players despite the difficulty settings. I would certainly recommend this game to anyone that's a fan of the Mega Man series or anyone that wants to play a real challenging 2D side-scroller. It is definitely not for the casual game player or someone that wants a "walk-in-the-park" type game which is why I'm giving it a score of 82.

Jan 14th, 2002 · PlayStation · read review

GamePro (US) (4 out of 5)

Mega Man X6 has all trademark qualities of other entries in the series: Unspectacular 2D sprites do an adequate job illustrating the onscreen action, while the innocuous audio plugs away to grinding rock-riff music. The simplistic controls are responsive and easy-to-learn just be cautious of the double-tap dash that can easily launch you off a cliff when you’re trying to creep to the edge of it. Ultimately, Mega Man X6 will appeal to fans of the series, but gamers looking for more than strict jump-n-shoot fare should look elsewhere.

Dec 6th, 2001 · PlayStation · read review

IGN (8 out of 10)

Even though it brings some new stuff to the table, Mega Man X6 is a bit of a step backwards in comparison to Mega Man X5, which is still my current favorite in the Mega Man X series. That said it's still an excellent 2D action game that Mega Man fans won't be able to pass up. It's not new or innovative, but it's great fun and offers more challenge than most of today's dumbed down games.

Jan 2nd, 2002 · PlayStation · read review

All Game Guide ( )

Fans who enjoy side-scrolling shooters won't find much to complain about in Mega Man X6, especially gamers familiar with the terrific Mega Man action of previous titles. Rarely does a game change dependent on how you play, but this one manages it nicely. There's enough gameplay to satisfy most fans, and the replay value is higher than normal due to the nonlinear gameplay, extra character, and changing inventory.

2001 · PlayStation · read review

Quebec Gamers (7.1 out of 10)

Pour conclure, j'ai bien aimé Mega Man X6. Il a ses défauts mais aussi ses qualités. L'ajout des "Reploids" à sauver dans les stages ajoute un plus au jeu. Ainsi que le fait de devoir amasser des "Souls" pour pouvoir équiper plus d'habileté allonge la durée de vie du jeu un peu. Les fans de Mega Man X sur Ps1 seront en terrain connu et ce jeu leur procurera leur dose de Mega Man X le temps qu'il dure!

Oct 21st, 2003 · PlayStation · read review

Game Informer Magazine (7 out of 10)

I like the nostalgia of this title, and the no-holds-barred 2D action, yet I can’t help but think Mega Man could be so much more. Capcom-heads will be pleased, but that’s about as far as it goes.

Feb 2002 · PlayStation · read review (14 out of 20)

Un épisode fidèle à la série des Megaman X, qui s'adresse avant tout aux nostalgiques de la 2D et aux inconditionnels de la série culte de Capcom.

Feb 14th, 2002 · PlayStation · read review

GameSpot (7 out of 10)

It's not difficult to see that Mega Man X6 is a disappointing effort. The nightmare system and the item collecting add variety and longevity to the game, but these two features can easily be set to the side to accomplish the larger goal of just completing the game--which isn't an incredibly easy task--but most shouldn't have trouble getting through each maverick level and the subsequent boss fights with Gate and others after three or four tries. The graphics aren't really even up to the standards set by older games in the series, and while the music is good, there aren't any tracks that particularly stand out. Despite these shortcomings, it's still Mega Man, and the gameplay is still entertaining, making X6 an attractive package for hard-core Mega Man fans. However, everyone else should probably give it a rent first.

Jan 9th, 2002 · PlayStation · read review

Game Informer Magazine (6.5 out of 10)

Before you read any further, I’d like to properly set the mood for this review. I want you to head into your kitchen and follow these steps. Turn on the light, walk over to the refrigerator, and grab yourself a beverage. Grab a glass, add a handful of ice, then poor the drink. After this, leave the room. Now, repeat this entire process six times. Congratulations! In a bizarre sort of way, you have just played Mega Man X6.

Feb 2002 · PlayStation · read review

Gamereactor (Denmark) (6 out of 10)

Det er sødt af Capcom, at de stadigvæk holde Mega Man i live og det er da også beundringsværdigt, at de ikke helt har glemt den gode gamle PSOne men der kommer ikke noget godt ud af at hænge sig i fortiden. Mega Man X6 bør derfor være det sidste vi ser til Mega Man på PSOne. Næste gang må han gerne være at finde på PS2 med flottere grafik og forbedret gameplay, så nye fans kan stå på mens trofaste fans kan glæde sig over en ny og forbedret Mega Man. Et nyt kapitel til en gammel spil-serie med gammel grafik udgivet til en gammel konsol er derimod ikke vejen frem hvis Mega Man skal overleve og samtidig udvide sin fanskare.

Feb 25th, 2002 · PlayStation · read review

Game Revolution (C-)

Despite a good fan base and general video game love, the recent past has demonstrated that Mega Man stagnates with each new iteration. The gameplay manages to stay intact, but the recyling of the same formula over and over again has beaten the magic out of the series. Mega Man X6 proves the honeymoon is over.

Jan 2002 · PlayStation · read review

Digital Press - Classic Video Games (4 out of 10)

This one was either produced under rushed conditions or without any care at all. No wonder Sony tends to reject 2-D games like this. This will easily go down as one of the worst in the series, and as one of the weakest of all Mega Man games period. It won't be easy to rebound from this disaster.

Oct 7th, 2005 · PlayStation · read review

Random Access (3.7 out of 10)

What else can be said about this mind-blowing game? It enraged me so much during gameplay that any fun aspects of it were lost; the annoying parts were very clear to me, resulting in an overall unpleasant experience. The game IS finishable, at least, but not without me cursing at the television first. It is also clear that Mega Man X6 was a rushed release, as it feels unpolished with errors abound. This is not an unfounded theory, as both X5 and X6 were released (in North America) in the same year. I love the Mega Man series, but still I cannot recommend this game, unless you have the urge to raise your own blood pressure. Expect a few controllers to be flung through the air on this one.

2005 · PlayStation · read review

Game Critics (3 out of 10)

I realize that 2-D platformers are slowly becoming a thing of the past in a world of three-dimensional gaming. However, Mega Man X6 is surely not an example by which they should be remembered. This game is basically a regrouping of every negative aspect in the series, with a few new ones added, crammed into a single disc. If Capcom has any intention of releasing more Mega Man X games, it should honestly consider bringing the series closer to its origins and look to simplicity as more than just a concept restricted to games created prior to the Playstation/N64 era.

Apr 3rd, 2002 · PlayStation · read review

Player Reviews

From "Awesome!!" to "Meh..." in one swift blow...
by Satoshi Kunsai (2072)

The Good
This is where it gets hard...Mega Man X4, to me, stands as the high point in the X series. Capcom really nailed it down right with X4. Along comes Mega Man X5, and while X5 does give us a few little improvements here and there, it messed up in other areas. For me, X5 was great and disappointing at the same time. Now along comes Mega Man X6. Do you think Capcom finally got everything right and delivered to us the ultimate X game?

If you say yes, I'll whack you over the head with a wet tuna. Mega Man X6 is NOT the ultimate X game; in fact, it hardly even comes close to the awesome X4 at all. Let's take a look at this game and see just how Capcom fowled up.

Okay, first let's handle the whole story. The earth hardly escaped destruction when the Eurasia Space Colony (see Mega Man X5) crashed landed into it. Zero had taken matters into his own hands and attempted to destroy the space colony. While he did succeed, the explosion and debris seriously damaged the Earth. Zero had also gone missing after he crash landed. Now, an outcast Reploid scientist named Gate is out surveying the damage caused by the space colony when he discovers a strange piece of debris in the ruins. He takes it to his lab, and begins to go insane. Immediately, he sends out 8 Reploid creations of his own to investigate what he called the "Nightmare Crisis", and along with another scientist named Isaac, plans to take control of what remains of Earth and all of the Reploid race. Of course, he would've won, if he hadn't counted on X heading out to stop him...

So that's the whole premise. X has to stop the Nightmares, stop the Investigators, find Gate, and put him out of his misery. To do that, X now has Zero's Beam Sabre with him, which he can swing at will to destroy certain enemies and walls. However, X is definitely no Zero at handling the Sabre: his swipes are very slow and he can't move at all when he swings (except when falling). The basic gameplay is the same as every other X game, so I'm not gonna bother covering that. Let's just keep on going with this review.

When X begins the game, he'll have the Falcon Armor from X5 equipped. However, the Falcon Armor lost a LOT of its power from X5. X can't fly anymore with it equipped, and its Giga Attack is a lot weaker than before. During the course of the game, X can find and build up the Blade Armor, which allows X to use the Sabre with more effectively, and allows X to Mach Dash. The Mach Dash, at least, is easy to use: jump, then hit jump again when you're at the height you want to jump at, then hit the Dash Button, and X takes off in an invincible air dash. X can also get another new armor: the wickedly cool Shadow Armor. Besides making X look like some sort of Reploid ninja, the Shadow Armor allows X to use the Beam Sabre like a real pro, and it's POWERFUL as hell when he swings it. But there's a major drawback: the Shadow Armor, like the Gaia Armor from X5, can't use Maverick Weapons, and can't air dash at all. But it's a lot faster, and is immune to spikes. Also changed is Alia's hint system: she won't talk to you until a "!" flashes in the corner of the screen, at which point you just hit Select to have her talk to you. There's also one other new thing here: taking a cue from X5, there are Reploids that you have to rescue during the course of the game, 128 in all. Finding and saving Reploids allows you to gain Parts that can enhance your power and abilities.But at the same time, rescueable Reploids are under constant threat from the Nightmares. You'll know a Nightmare when you see them: they're a yellow-black octopus-like robot with waving blue and red tentacles, and if you're near one of them and a Reploid, they'll head right for the Reploid and attempt to reprogram it, basically "killing" them. Destroying Nightmares yields blue orbs called "Souls", which X can grab to increase his Hunter Rank. The Hunter Rank isn't much: the higher it is, the more Parts you can obtain. That's about it.

Now, onto graphics, sounds, and music. The graphics in this game are generally pretty good, despite what a lot of people say. Some stages, like Rainy Turtloid's and Ground Scaravich's, have some pretty nice scenery in them, while others like Shield Sheldon's look kinda "bleh". A lot of the sound effects in this game are overhauled versions of X5's sounds. The "WARNING" logo sounds louder and more alarm-like (it even appears differently too), and the explosions are now REALLY loud, and almost to the point of room-shaking. As for music...that's a mixed bag. I loved the opening themes from Showtaro, "Moonlight" and "The Answer", bar none. I also quite liked the music in Rainy Turtloid's stage (a nice jazzy-sounding piece that fits quite well with the scenery), Infinity Mijinion's stage (definitely one of the best stage themes in the game), and most of the boss battle themes, and finally, the ending theme by RoST, "I.D.E.A.", simply kicks ass. It's the perfect ending theme for the game.

The Bad
I wish I didn't have to do this, but I've gotta.

Capcom rushed this game, and you can tell. The stage layouts are an absolute nightmare. Sometimes rescueable Reploids are hovering over huge pits, and there's a Nightmare floating right behind them, meaning that if you jump and are just a millimeter short of the Reploid, you die and the Nightmare will kill it. What's don't know what Reploid is carrying a Part for you or not, so if one gets killed you may very well lose an extremely important Part for later. Plus, who's bright idea was it to have the Nightmare system start throwing in annoying crap like spotlights in some stages, fireballs in an ice cavern that just fly at you for no reason, and spotty control that does everything but what you want it to do? Why, may I ask, do dashes come out of hitting the Special Weapon button and not hitting the Dash button? Why the hell do Zero's Sabre attacks have to be impossible to control? WHY!? Was Capcom smoking something heavy when they were making this game?

To make things worse, some of the graphics look so cheesy and badly detailed that they shouldn't be on the 32-bit PlayStation...they belong on the 16-bit Super NES! Some enemies are badly animated and look even more badly drawn, and the Mavericks themselves are a little devoid of detail and attack moves.

Lastly, whoever wrote the music for Ground Scaravich's stage is going to have his head boiled in acid. If you insist on playing his stage, mute the TV...FAST.

The Bottom Line
Mega Man X6 is definitely not the ultimate X game people wanted it to be. It's very disappointing, very unrewarding, and for those of you who have to play the U.S. or European versions, get ready for one of the worst translations ever's like the mid-80s era of NES games all over again.

Now, HOPEFULLY Capcom will get it absolutely straight with Mega Man X7...

Jan 19th, 2002 · PlayStation

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