Sonic CD

aka: Sonic CD Classic, Sonic the Hedgehog CD

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Windows credits (2012)

153 people (146 professional roles, 7 thanks) with 155 credits.

SEGA Europe Limited Staff Credits

SVP of Production
SVP of Marketing
Technical Director
Senior Producer
Publishing Manager
SVP of Business Planning and Operations
Head of Business Analysis
Purchasing Manager
Production Manager
Head of Development Services
Head of Marketing
Assistant Brand Manager
Digital PR Executive
Head of Legal & Business Affairs
Legal Counsel
Legal Executive
Licensing Manager
Resource Manager
Localisation Manager
Localisation Project Manager
Mastering, Equipment and Submissions Manager
Senior Mastering Technician
Assistant Mastering Technician
Project Lead
Functionality Supervisor
Project Monitor
Senior Tester
Compliance Supervisor
Compliance Coordinators
Compliance Senior Technicians
Compliance Technicians
Language QA Supervisor
Language Team Lead
Language Assistant Team Lead
Language Testers
Administration and Finance Coordinator
QA Administrator
Shift Monitor


UK Managing Director
UK Marketing Director
UK Senior Product Manager
UK PR Managers
UK Channel Marketing Manager

SEGA International

International Sales Director
Head of International Sales
International Account Executive
International Sales Administrator

SEGA Germany

Managing Director
Marketing Manager
Product Manager
PR Executive

SEGA Spain

Managing Director
Product Manager
PR Manager

SEGA Benelux

Managing Director
Head of Marketing
PR Manager

SEGA France

Directeur Général Europe du Sud
Responsable Marketing
Chef de Produits
Responsable RP
Attachée de Presse

SEGA Australia

Managing Director
Marketing Manager
Junior Product Manager
PR Manager
PR Executive

SEGA of America

Assistant Producer
Brand Manager
QA Manager
QA Supervisors
QA Lead
QA Assistant Lead
QA Testers
Standards Supervisor
Standards Lead
Standards Assistant Leads
Standards Testers
President/COO SEGA West
Executive VP of Digital Business Planning
VP Strategic Planning & Business Development
Director of Product Development
Publishing Manager
Development Operation Director
Mastering Lab Supervisor
Mastering Lab Technician

SEGA Corporate

Overseas Consumer Business

Special Thanks

Special Thanks

Original Game

Developed by
  • SEGA

PC version by Blit Software & Christian Whitehead

Lead Engineer
Platform Development
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