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Zork Zero: The Revenge of Megaboz

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Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive was so much in love with himself that he ordered to erect a huge statue of himself in the Fublio Valley. This angered a local resident named Megaboz the Magnificent, who cast a curse over Dimwit and the entire Empire, and disappeared. Ninety-four years later, the curse is still in effect, and the king Wurb Flathead is looking for a brave adventurer who would find a way to remove it. This adventurer, naturally, is the game's protagonist, who possesses a piece of parchment given to him by his ancestors, which might be the key to the whole mystery...

Zork Zero: The Revenge of Megaboz is chronologically a prequel to the first three Zork games, and is a text adventure with a graphical interface and scene-based colors and borders. Like its predecessors, the game relies on puzzle-solving, including inventory item manipulation as well as logic-based puzzles. An interactive map, in-game hint system, and the included Encyclopedia Frobozzica are there to make the player's task somewhat easier. The game also includes four graphical mini-games based on popular logic puzzles.

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Infocom's famous 69,105 number is referred to in the line "This zoo, with 69,105 cages, is easily the largest in Quendor."

Encyclopedia Frobozzica

One of the more interesting in-game elements of Zork Zero is the "Encyclopedia Frobozzica" -- a thorough reference work of almost all things related to the GUE (Great Underground Empire, or the world of Zork). One could literally spend hours looking up entries -- try all the old references from the old Zorks and see what you can learn. A lot even have pictures!

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