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Esper Dream 2: Arata naru Tatakai


Far beyond our world, there's a world that resides in the books you read. But the five areas of the Book Worlds are in deep trouble! As Mamoru, a bookworm with ESP, you must go forth (with the help of a magical fairy and several other allies) to grab five special rings and save the Book Worlds from many perils.

This sequel to Esper Dream takes you as Mamoru on a mystical journey through 4 areas (one of them, the world of the original "Esper Dream", has already been done for you), each with their own problems that you need to fix. Like its predecessor, you begin battles (which now take place in different battlefields) by running into pairs of moving footprints - however this time Mamoru can simply run away from battles that are too much for him, or use a Teleport spell in enclosed fields. (Using this spell outside of battle will return you to the base town for that world.) In addition, Mamoru can bring along a friend (one per world and controlled by the CPU) who can assist him while battling and give him clues about where to go next. Mamoru can also carry healing items with him, for a quick boost of energy when he's running low.

The game ends when Mamoru's HP reaches 0 - or when you have saved the Book Worlds.


  • エスパードγƒͺγƒΌγƒ 2 ζ–°γŸγͺγ‚‹ζˆ¦γ„ - Japanese spelling

Groups +


Credits (NES version)

9 People (8 developers, 1 thanks)

Programming (ぷろぐらむ)
  • Takomonaka Higuchi (Shutorute Higu [しゅとるて ひぐ])
  • Gocchan Gotō [ごっけゃんです ごとう]
  • Kōji Toyohara (Operation Kouji [γŠγΊγ‚ŒγƒΌγ—γ‚‡γ‚“γ€€γ“γ†γ˜])
Characters (γγ‚ƒγ‚‰γγŸγƒΌ)
  • Kōichi Kimura (Chiroian Kimura [γ‘γ‚γ‚Šγ‚γ‚“γ€€γγ‚€γ‚‰])
  • Kazuhiro Tateishi (Elf Tateishi [γˆγ‚‹γ΅γ€€γŸγ¦γ„γ—])
Sound (さうんど)
Package Design (γ±γ£γ‘γƒΌγ˜γ§γ–γ„γ‚“)
  • Naoki Satō (Fujin Satou [γ•γ¨γ†γ€€γ΅γ˜γ‚“])
Special Thanks (すぺしゃる さんくす)
  • Konami Kurokotai [こγͺγΏγγ‚γ“γŸγ„]

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Identifiers +

  • MobyGames ID: 55127


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