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Sexy Idol Mahjong: Fashion Monogatari


Fashion Monogatari is, like its predecessor, a mahjong game featuring digitized photos of Japanese female "idols". Gameplay-wise, however, this installment is quite different: it is a board game in which the player navigates a character by throwing dice to determine the number of moves. Like in other games of this genre, some fields bestow benefits on the player (e.g. award him money or items, invite the player to participate in bonus games, etc.). Most fields, however, lead to mahjong rounds against digitized young women, which have to be won in order to advance. Photos of scantily clad women in seductive poses serve as a reward for victory. A four-player mahjong mode is also available.

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Credits (TurboGrafx CD version)

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Planning (企画)
  • Isao Doi (credited as Doi ACT-3 [どいACT-3])
Program (プログラム)
  • Babibube Binta (credited as Babibubebinta [ばびぶべびんた])
Design (デザイン)
  • Katsuyuki Tsukamoto (credited as Tsukaford [ツカフォード])
  • Megumi Enomoto (credited as Enon [えのん])
  • Tocchi [とっちー]
Sound (サウンド)
Sound Effects (効果音)
Support (協力)
  • Hideto Ōmori (credited as Hideto.O [ひでと. O])
  • Triple Hagihara (credited as Triple Hagihara [トリプル萩原])
  • Gonta-kun [ごん太君]
  • Ryunta Roba (credited as Ryunta Roba [りゅんたロバ])
  • Y. Maeda (credited as Y. MAEDA)
  • Kenji Yoshida (credited as Yochida [よちだ])
  • Aya-chan [アヤちゃん]
  • Miyuki-chan [ミユキちゃん]
  • Mayumi-chan [マユミちゃん]
  • Yuka-chan [ユカちゃん]
  • Chihisa-chan [チヒサちゃん]
  • Tsugumi-chan [ツグミちゃん]
  • Motomi-chan [モトミちゃん]
  • Nancy-san [ナンシーさん]
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