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Hellboy: Dogs of the Night

aka: Asylum Seeker, Hellboy: I Mastini della Notte, Mike Mignola's Hellboy: Asylum Seeker

[ PlayStation ] [ Windows ]

Windows credits (2000)

74 People

Executive Producer
Art Director
Project Leader
Playtesting Manager
Localisation / Translation
Graphics / Artwork

Cryo Studios North America

Developed by
  • Cryo Studios North America
Executive Producer
Game Design
Original Concept
Level Design
Original Design
Character Animation
Additional Art
Programming Engine
Programming Tools
Windows Version
Sound Effects
Based On the Hellboy Comic Book by
Produced by
  • Cryo
Published by
  • Cryo
Business Manager, Cryo Studios North America

Cryo France

Artistic Director
General Manager
Production Director
Testing Service, Testing Manager
Testing Service, Lead Testers
Testing Service, Play Testers
Head of Legal Department
Purchasing Department
Sales Department
Press Service
Marketing Director
Brand Manager
Assisted by
Graphic Studio, Artistic Director
Graphic Studio, Artistic Director Assistant
Graphic Studio, Designers
Graphic Studio, Art Booklet
  • 6AM

Cryo UK

General Manager
Sales Manager
PR Manager
Product Manager

Cryo Germany

General Manager
Assisted by
  • Sophie

Cryo Netherland (Homesoft)

General Manager
Marketing Manager
Product Manager

Cryo Northern Countries

No Role

Cryo Spain

No Role

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