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Primal Rage

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A meteor struck the Earth and caused great chaos. Seven gods from ancient times awoke, and are now attempting to take control of the post-apocalyptic world.

Primal Rage is a one-on-one fighting game featuring dinosaurs and giant apes as the fighters. The graphics are done with digitized stop-motion animation. Gameplay is similar to Mortal Kombat in that it is viewed from a side perspective, and features deadly finishing moves at the end of the match.

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Average score: 71% (based on 47 ratings)


Average score: 3.2 out of 5 (based on 112 ratings with 4 reviews)


The Good
First off, I LOVED the characters used in the game. No stinking humans to fight with, nothing but beast baby! YES!

Second, Talon and Vertigo kickass!

The graphics were outstanding considering what system they were done for, the 16 bit Sega Genesis...along with other systems. Which at the time, I believe, had the best graphics going for gameplay.

The gameplay was easy but it could also quickly turn challenging if you weren't paying attention to what you were doing. However, pulling off the moves that each individual dino could do was a little harder unless you really practiced to get it down.

For example, I myself had to really work at getting a two hit combo in with Vertigo. These two hits being first Hypnosis and then the Scorpion Sting that followed it.

Another example, performing Talon's three slash, climb up and then flip backwards move wasn't easy either. Another one of his moves that it took me a while to master was the one that he ran up to the opponent and just did a bunch of hind feet slashings to the abdomen, then flipping away.

But all in all, I have no complaints about the game itself. It came, it saw and it conquered as my favorite fighting arcade game.

10 out of 10!

The Bad
I never figured out how to make Talon do his Jugular Bite attack. That was the ONLY move I never figured out...other than the Fatalities.

I didn't know about the Fatalities that the fighters were able to do...until now. So of course, naturally, I never figured those out either. And, most likely won't have chance to since my 11 to 15 year old Sega Genesis finally quit working. I can't complain though, it survived about 10 years of my sister abusing it when I beat her at a game.

Especially this one!

The Bottom Line
There are no words to describe this game, you would have to play it yourself to understand. BUT, if this wasn't possible then I would wing it. Going from what I experienced both good and bad.

If you want something different than Mortal Kombat or any other fighting game that uses human or humanoid fighters to do battle, then this one is for you! You fight as a Draconian, or so the Dino-Gods are called, and your goal is to dominate over the new Urth. Crushing your opponents as you go along and devour the puny humans. You have your choice of seven fighters and all armed with their own techniques. Prepare to RAGE!

Genesis · by Laura Rosenberger (6) · 2006

An underrated classic

The Good
The game is very original - although it IS based of Mortal Kombat, it still has very original ideas in it like using dinosaurs and giant apes as fighters, this made the game really fun, and like in MK, characters have special moves and "Fatalities" to discover. The stages are very unidentical to each other, which makes it a good variety. The graphics weren't the best of its time but due to a lot of colours used the game looked quite good.

The Bad
The beasts don't sound too powerful, the music is also quiet and unpleasant on the stages, and the small humans, which jump near the gods all the time, make such annoying voices and sounds, which makes you wanna blow them the hell away, but instead, you'll even have to defend your own, will, at least you can kill the opponents humans. There isn't a big variety also, 7 fighters, 7 stages, though in actually, again, the game was made so colourful, that it was even quite fun to play it sometimes.

The Bottom Line
I don't exactly know why i mostly liked this game and everybody else didn't, maybe its because I'm a Mortal Kombat fan, and a couple of my friends, MK fans as well, liked the game also, so this might be the reason. Anyway, this game is best playable not for fighting game fans, but for those who are fans of MK and like to see some "WAD"'s made of it.

DOS · by Medicine Man (328) · 2009

Street Fighter with dinosaurs.

The Good
As the title suggest you don't play with humans this time around, but with prehistoric creatures and other monsters. Personally I consider that to be an awesome update because there are enough humans in video games, but playing as a dinosaur sounds pretty awesome (and it is). All the Jurassic Park rejects have their own abilities that fit their animal nature, such as; clawing, biting and hitting others with your tail.

Primal Rage is right next to Mortal Kombat in the relatively small collection of pretty good games for the Super Nintendo that feature a lot of gore. Every bite and every claw causes a stream of blood to emerge from the enemy and the health is indicated by a bar connected to the enemy's hearth, that once depleted causes the hearth to explode. You can also do so much damage to the enemy that they suffer from a paralyzing shock due to the brain damage.

The stages are pretty awesome and all play to the on-going theme of "conquering the new earth". You'll get to see a lot of different locations in this post-apocalyptic adventure and by defeating the enemy in each area you will slowly work towards total domination. It's very similar to how Street Fighter II had you fly all over the world to take part in a big contest, but just a little bit more sadistic.

I think it's funny that the game keeps score by indicating the amount of followers you have. To the humans you are some kind of god and by performing well you will earn yourself worshipers, but failure will cause them to turn to a different creature. They will also cheer for you during combat and sometimes they will even approach you during combat, which often causes them to be hit and launched into the air.

The Bad
i really suck at these games because the NPC's always know things I don't, I thought I was pretty good with one of the characters, but when I fought against that same character a few minutes later, I was shocked to see him pull off all kinds of different moves I didn't know about. Perhaps it gets easier when you have the manual or if you look up a moves list on the internet, but it's still annoying.

The game looks awful and that is saying a lot for Super Nintendo. All the colors are dark, so most of the time it looks like you are watching an Atari game glitch out and that can't be good.

The controls feel a little stiff when they are not just been confusing, along with that comes the problem that a lot of the attacks are very hard to use properly because you need to know how long your tail is or how far your neck can stretch. This makes the game part fighting and part mathematics and it doesn't really work.

The Bottom Line
Like I have said before, I am not very good at these games, so I am not very good at reviewing them either. I personally prefer this game over Street Fighter II just because it has dinosaurs in it, but both games are pretty decent.

SNES · by Asinine (957) · 2011

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Continuing with the Mortal Kombat fiasco, Nintendo censored this game as well. Chaos' Golden Shower finishing move (you can figure it out) has been 'fixed' so that a CENSORED bar appears across the screen and Chaos freezes in his 'relief' position.

Planned sequel

There was going to be a sequel, Primal Rage 2, but due to poor sales it got cancelled. However, Atari felt it needed a sequel in one form or another, so a book written by John Vornholt, called Primal Rage: The Avatars, was created instead of a second game.

Information also contributed by Fighting Freak

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