Resistance: Burning Skies

aka: Resistance: America Saigo no Teikō

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GameTrailers (8.1 out of 10)

Resistance: Burning Skies ultimately wins its battle to bring console-style first-person shooting to a handheld platform. No, you won’t find volumes of content or progressive new ideas, and the forced touchscreen controls are a minor strategic bungle. However, the well-paced single-player campaign is punctuated by a strong and varied weapon set and online multiplayer that hits an unprecedented level of quality for a handheld. If you’re interested in a proper FPS fight on the go, this could be the war you’ve been looking for.

May 29th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

NZGamer (8 out of 10)

Overall, Resistance: Burning Skies is a solid addition to the series. Its story unfolds at a good pace and looks great on the Vita. There's only one thing missing: the skies were never burning! Maybe a bit dark in places, but never burning. At some point I could have used a burning sky to lighten up the game. Apart from that, Resistance: Burning Skies has set the bar high for future handheld first person shooters.

May 30th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

Level (7.5 out of 10)

Raportat la piața jocurilor mobile, Resistance: Burning Skies ar trebui considerat un etalon, cel puțin în ceea ce privește controlul. Dacă treceți peste neajunsuri (în special cele de ordin grafic), puteți descoperi un shooter competent, chiar dacă nu ieșit din comun.

Aug 21st, 2012 · PS Vita

PSX Extreme (7.4 out of 10)

Resistance: Burning Skies holds true to the franchise spirit and gives gamers a reason to play a handheld FPS. The weapons are fantastic, the nifty touchscreen elements work nicely and add flavor, and the overall control is responsive and reliable. It’s just too bad that the entire production didn’t live up to expectations. There’s a bit too much in the way of the generic, the been there, done that, and the clichéd. For a portable shooter, it’s really quite good but for a Resistance entry, one finds it somewhat lacking. Still, it’s well worth a look.

May 29th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

Impulse Gamer (7.3 out of 10)

In the end, Resistance: Burning Skies Review is a good first person shooter title for the PS Vita that although won't win any awards for originality, it still provides the player with a fun game with decent controls. Even though it pays homage to the PS3 series, the game sits somewhere between an iOS title and the PS3 in that it's almost there. Nonetheless it's a good use of the PS Vita controls and is definitely for fans of the Resistance series or those gamers who want a good first person shooter. Thankfully, no knowledge of Resistance is required to play.

Jun 2012 · PS Vita · read review

Game Informer Magazine (7 out of 10)

As the Vita's first real FPS offering, Resistance: Burning Skies isn't a failure by any means. While the visuals won't sell you on the console's power like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, the campaign is filled with the big boss fights and unique weaponry you expect from the series. As long as you're not hoping for a console-quality multiplayer experience, Burning Skies should satisfy fans.

May 30th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

Gameplay (Benelux) (66 out of 100)

Burning Skies bewijst dat de Vita klaar is voor een stevige first person shooter, maar schiet zelf door technische zwakheden en inspiratieloos design voornamelijk losse flodders af. Resistance verdient beter!

Jun 22nd, 2012 · PS Vita

PlayFrance (6.5 out of 10)

Correctement réalisé et plus maniable que les autres FPS proposés jusque-là sur consoles portables, Resistance : Burning Skies a tout de même bien du mal à captiver l'attention du joueur avec sa campagne solo trop molle, que ce soit dans la narration ou dans le gameplay. Plus gênant, il se révèle nettement moins prenant et abouti que ses homologues sortis sur consoles de salon, et suscite donc rapidement une désagréable sensation de "déjà-vu ailleurs en mieux". Bref si Burning Skies est un premier FPS acceptable pour la PSVita, il ne se montre pas au niveau de ce que nous a offert la série Resistance jusqu'ici.

May 29th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

GBase - The Gamer's Base (6.5 out of 10)

Eigentlich mag ich die Resistance-Reihe ja ganz gern, und die Hauptteile konnten mich allesamt unterhalten. Für eine gewisse Unterhaltung sorgt sicherlich auch Resistance - Burning Skies, doch der Funke springt bis zuletzt einfach nicht richtig über. Zu aufgesetzt wirkt nämlich nicht nur die Handlung, sondern eben auch viele Funktionen wie die Verwendung des berührungsempfindlichen Bildschirms. So verkommt der Titel zu einem mehr als gewöhnlichen Ego-Shooter, der nur eine geringfügige Abwechslung bietet und seinem Namen in keiner Weise gerecht wird. Das Potenzial wurde letztendlich nicht ausgeschöpft. Was bleibt, ist eine halbgare Umsetzung.

Jun 12th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

TotalPlayStation (6.5 out of 10)

I can't say that I had high hopes for Resistance, but they managed to not even live up to expectations of mediocrity. This certainly isn't the worst game I've ever played, and for all its foibles the single player experience has a few moments here and there. It's not like there is anywhere else you can turn for FPS action on your Vita right now, but I have to say if there was, you'd probably be better of going there. For now, if you have the itch, and you want to kill your friends on the go, this'll get the job done. Just don't expect the polished Resistance experience you'd get on a console.

May 28th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

GamezGeneration (6.5 out of 10)

Resistance: Burning Skies hätte auch auf der PlayStation Vita ein Vorzeigetitel werden können, so wie es die großen Spiele auf der PlayStation 3 geschafft haben. Leider sind die Entwickler in einigen Aspekten, wie der Steuerung, zu viele Experimente eingegangen – andere, wie etwa die Story oder die Grafik, haben sie scheinbar kaum interessiert. So bleibt der Titel nur ein netter, aber liebloser Shooter für Zwischendurch, der zumindest in Ansätzen zeigt, dass Ego-Shooter auf der Vita funktionieren können. Der erhoffte Referenztitel ist es leider nicht geworden.

Jun 27th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review Gaming Portal (65 out of 100)

Dakle, je li Resistance: Burning Skies igra za koju vrijedi izdvojiti tristotinjak kuna? Pa i nije baš. U prvom FPS-u na Viti može se uživati na kraće vrijeme, no za taj iznos moguće je nabaviti dvije ili tri igre uz koje se može zabaviti na duže staze. Ovaj Resistance nije loša igra, ali je osrednji naslov koji će se pamtiti samo kao debitantski naslov FPS žanra na Viti. Kako stara uzrečica kaže: prvi se mačići u vodu bacaju.

Jun 16th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

The Verge (6.5 out of 10)

Resistance: Burning Skies doesn't quite deliver a console-quality experience, but it effectively proves that first-person shooters are possible on the Vita. The interaction that has eluded all other handheld shooters actually works here, though Burning Skies doesn't just work as a proof of concept. The pitch-perfect controls and delightfully old-school multiplayer mode justify this game's existence beyond novelty.

May 30th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review (6 out of 10)

It's a reserved, almost lazy attempt, and developer Nihilistic always opts for the safe bet. The shooting is top notch, but poor pacing and bland environments ensure you never engage with what's going on, and technical hiccups and formulaic game modes sour the multiplayer. This game proves the potential power of the genre on its device, but not the potential excellence of its own franchise.

May 29th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

Digital Spy ( )

Resistance: Burning Skies can be linear and its mission objectives predictable, but it has the look and feel of a fully-fledged shooter, and that's something you won't find elsewhere. The visuals look almost on par with its PS3 forebears on the smaller screen and the gameplay endeavours match them in scope and intensity. In theory, it should be a classic, but a weak story and straightforward missions makes it only surface-deep.

May 29th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

Games TM (6 out of 10)

Ultimately, it’s a make-or-break game for Sony’s handheld. If you can ignore its faults there’s an above-average first-person shooter with interesting ideas, and as the inaugural FPS on the console it confirms that a fulfilling and comprehensive experience in the genre can be produced. That game isn’t Resistance but it’s a positive outlook for the future of Vita.

May 29th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

PSN Stores ( )

Resistance: Burning Skies is the first true FPS on the Vita and you can tell just that. Developers are slowing learning just what works and what doesn’t on the system. Hopefully, others will look back at the mistakes made and improve upon them so that one day we can have that console FPS experience on the go. We just aren’t there quite yet.

May 29th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review (60 out of 100)

Burning Skies beweist zwar als erster Titel, dass Ego-Shooter auch auf mobilen Plattformen theoretisch funktionieren können. Doch praktisch ist das Baller-Abenteuer weit von der Klasse seiner Vorgänger entfernt. Als Resistance-Fan vermisse ich die erzählerische Komponente, die stets bravourös den Spagat zwischen globalen Ereignissen auf der einen sowie Einzelschicksalen auf der anderen Seite meisterte. Hier hingegen gibt es platte, unglaubwürdige Figuren, zu denen man keine emotionale Verbindung aufbauen kann. Mechanisch bietet man solide, aber altbackene Ego-Action in linearen, visuell nur selten Vita-Standards entsprechenden sowie viel zu engen Abschnitten, die von zumeist höchst tumb agierenden Aliens bevölkert werden. Und obendrauf bekommt man eine Berührungssteuerung aufgezwungen, die einen in entscheidenden Momenten immer wieder unpassend vom rechten Stick trennt.

May 31st, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

Jeux Vidéo Network (12 out of 20)

Bien qu’il exploite assez bien les spécificités de la PS Vita, ce Resistance est assez convenu, tant dans son déroulement que dans son contenu. Un FPS bien trop classique.

May 30th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

Digitally Downloaded ( )

It becomes a standard shooter then, with some halfway interesting weapon upgrades and some somewhat entertaining boss battles. For what it is, Resistance is not actually a bad game. It’s just stock-standard, and in a genre so competitive, that never bodes well.

Jun 22nd, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

COGConnected / Canadian Online Gamers Network (59 out of 100)

Resistance: Burning Skies manages to show how an FPS game can control on the PS Vita, and with that in mind, the game is good; however, the rest of the package is mediocre at best, with varying levels for visuals, average sound, and some underwhelming AI on both sides of the fence (adversaries and your own teammates). Sure, the addition of online multiplayer is nice, but it is not something that makes or breaks the game. In the end I have to say that Burning Skies is an average game that had so much more potential than the product that is now on store shelves. It does deserve a look if you are a diehard FPS fan looking for a true console experience on the Vita; however, all others who pick this up should be warned that there is more sizzle than there is steak.

Jun 8th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

IGN (5.5 out of 10)

Resistance: Burning Skies has the honor of being the first true twin-stick FPS on a handheld, but it doesn't do much with it. The story here is forgettable, the action is formulaic, and the multiplayer is simplistic. If first-person action is your favorite thing in the world, Resistance: Burning Skies is at your service. Just don't expect it to shine like we know this franchise can.

May 28th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

GameSpot (5.5 out of 10)

Technical issues may abate, but this entry in the Resistance series still falls well short of its pedigree. Burning Skies leaves little doubt that the Vita is a comfortable home for first-person shooters, but the platform's first FPS is disappointingly dated. Toothless enemies and simplistic level design make for tepid campaign action, and the solid multiplayer suite is too limited to be a big draw. There is definitely some fun to be had in Resistance: Burning Skies, but the series, the system, and the poor citizens of alternate-reality New York City deserve better.

May 29th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

BGamer (52 out of 100)

A série exclusiva da PlayStation chega à Vita, demonstrando um grande potencial perdido por questões técnicas. Uma história pouco interessante, uma IA medíocre e problemas na deteção de colisão deitam por terra uma experiência que se queria mais intensa.

May 30th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

Push Square ( )

Resistance: Burning Skies should have been a must-have PlayStation Vita title, but in the rush to get the system's first dual analogue FPS out onto the market, Sony missed the Chimera’s head with Riley’s axe and chopped the legs right out from under it instead. It’s discouraging to see, especially when Vita could greatly benefit from a solid first party release. The only thing burning in these Chimeran-infested skies here is a whole lot of wasted potential.

Jun 7th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

Game Revolution ( )

Resistance: Burning Skies is an excellent proof of concept. It is the tech demo that shows third-party publishers that first-person shooters can be achieved on the Vita hardware. It is by no means a crowning achievement. Instead, Nihilistic have opened the door for other, more accomplished developers to step through. Don't be scared shooter-fans. The Vita waters are just fine.

May 31st, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

AusGamers (5 out of 10)

Developer Nihilistic seems settled on the idea that bringing Resistance to the Vita is an inherently bold and innovative move, and that doing anything truly interesting beyond that is unnecessary. It’s not a strictly bad FPS, but it’s so damn perfunctory, so set on ticking the absolute minimum number of boxes and moving on, it’s largely boring and forgettable. And the fact that it’s the only FPS on the Vita so far doesn’t excuse it from being such a pedestrian effort

May 30th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review (UK) (5 out of 10)

As it stands, for all its problems, Resistance: Burning Skies also has its moments of fun - and in the enjoyable if thin multiplayer, it offers an experience hitherto unavailable in portable gaming. That will be enough for some, for now, but we should demand much more.

May 30th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

Absolute Games ( (48 out of 100)

Burning Skies чуть-чуть не попала в «первую волну» проектов для Vita, но, вслед за большинством тех релизов, разбилась о скалы забвения. Только Uncharted: Golden Abyss да Gravity Rush остались пенными барашками в океане людской памяти. Прощайте, «химеры».

Aug 2nd, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

Cheat Code Central (2.2 out of 5)

Am I saying that Burning Skies is a bad game, one that you should avoid? Yes, that is the basic thrust of my argument, but despite a storyline that contributes nothing of consequence to its series while doing so very little to make you care about its characters and graphics that look like the framework of something great perverted by either ineptitude or time constraints, Resistance: Burning Skies has elements that need to be lauded, and held up as examples for the games that will come to the system, now that this proof of concept has shown that they can be done.

Jun 1st, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

GamesRadar ( )

Resistance: Burning Skies doesn’t offer the Resistance experience you’d expect, period. The weapon variety that defines the series is flaccid at best, the story is forgettable, and the multiplayer isn’t even as varied as the last handheld game in the series. It’s hard to even recommend this one to gamers who’ve spent the last six years popping Chimera skulls.

May 28th, 2012 · PS Vita

Edge (4 out of 10)

On Vita, this sub-par instalment of an also-ran shooter finds itself cramped further by hardware limitations. It may be that people who already own Vitas are happy to accept compromised versions of home console games, but slow sales of the devices suggest that many aren’t. Vita needs a unique reason for its existence, but, on the evidence of Burning Skies, the promise of blockbuster titles on the go is little but hot air.

May 29th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

G4 TV: X-Play (2 out of 5)

Nihilistic had an opportunity to set the bar for FPS gaming on the Vita. Instead, we've got this halfway decent first-person shooter whose main strength is the fact that it's portable. Burning Skies is a passable time-waster in that sense, giving you plenty of corridors to run through and alien dudes to shoot. That's also the heart of the problem though. It's technically flawed in some key ways, but the biggest sin that Resistance: Burning Skies commits is its top-to-bottom lack of ambition

May 30th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review (6 out of 20)

Alors là, c'est un masterclass de l'ennui que signe le petit studio Nihilistic. En dehors de l'exploitation bien pensée des sticks et des surfaces tactiles de la Vita, il n'y a pas grand-chose à sauver. L'action est mollassonne, l'ambiance pratiquement inexistante et le jeu manque tellement de soin et de finitions qu'on a réellement le sentiment de faire face à un produit en cours de développement et pas franchement à un stade avancé. Même les fans de la franchise peuvent lui tourner le dos.

May 29th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

Joystiq ( )

It's like being in a box-ticking race with Nihilistic. They're hitting everything that would make this a portable first-person shooter – factually – while you check everything that makes it a poor shooter in general. Resistance: Burning Skies elicits leniency because all of its accomplishments are cupped in your hands, but those accomplishments are so few in number that they're not worth picking up in the first place. The Vita can and will do better than this hot lump of coal.

Jun 5th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

Destructoid (2 out of 10)

If, like me, you've been waiting to see how a first-person shooter feels on the Vita, then I can say that this game proves the potential of the genre. However, if you'd like your first Vita FPS to actually be good, then wait for something else, because Resistance: Burning Skies is far from acceptable. It is visually atrocious, interactively vapid and incomplete to a degree that a full retail price is an insult. It's tempting to buy this just to have something new on the system, but good things come to those that wait, and it's hard to imagine anything not being good compared to this mess.

May 28th, 2012 · PS Vita · read review

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