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Stellar Shuttle

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Stellar Shuttle is a Lunar Rescue variant. The planet Ttam has drifted into a dangerous asteroid belt, requiring that all inhabitants be evacuated to a mother ship orbiting outside the belt. The player has the shuttle ships to work with, to fly through the asteroids and pluck the refugees one at a time from the surface. To help avoiding the asteroids the speed of the shuttle can be slowed down by using the shuttle's retro rockets. The retro rockets can also be used against dragons that star appearing at level two.

Once the player has picked up a refugee he has to return up to the mother ship. Here he will get access to a blaster that can be used to clear the way through the asteroids, however there are also falling comets that requires maneuvering and speed to avoid and drifting derelict spaceships that needs to be shot.

For each level there are six refugees that have to be rescued one at a time. Once that has been done the player moves on to the next level.

Scoring is as follows:* Each Landing: 200 points

  • Return of each refugee safely to the mother ship: 300 points
  • Large asteroids: 20 points
  • Small asteroids: 50 points
  • Derelict Spaceships: 300 points
  • Dragons: 200 points
  • Every six rescued refugees: 1,000 points

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