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X-COM: Interceptor

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The year is 2067, and the Earth's resources are nearly depleted. In search of raw materials essential for the survival of the humans, powerful corporations send explorers into a region of space known as the Frontier. However, upon arriving there, the humans find out that they are not the only ones needing resources. The alien races who had invaded Earth nearly seventy years ago have their own claims for the Frontier, and it looks like there can be no peaceful solution for the situation.

X-COM: Interceptor has elements of strategy, but its primary gameplay style differs from most previous installments in the X-COM series, focusing on space combat simulation and resource managing. The player commands an elite force of starfighters sent to protect the human corporations in the Frontier. As the X-COM commander, the player must manage space stations, resources, and finances of the organization. Researching alien technology is also necessary to ensure the safety of the humans.

When an enemy craft is spotted, the game's mode switches to space combat simulation. The player pilots starfighters, co-ordinating their wingmen, similarly to Wing Commander: Prophecy. Mission objectives usually involve destroying or capturing enemy ships, sabotaging alien trade routes, escorting friendly ships to specific locations, and raiding alien bases.


  • 幽浮:太空攔截者 - Traditional Chinese spelling

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All music from X-Com: Interceptor is available on the CD as Redbook Audio.

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