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Donkey Kong

aka: DK, Donkey Kong-e

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Critic Reviews 72% add missing review

Tilt (6 out of 6) (100%)

Une adaptation simplifiée du jeu d'arcades - Mario peut malgré tout utiliser un marteau pour brises les tonneaux - mais très agréable à jouer. L'enthousiasme des possesseurs du VCS Atari est à cet égard significatif !

Jul 1983 · Atari 2600 · read review

VideoGame ( ) (80%)

Um malvado gorila aprisionou sua namorada, e você deve salvá-la. Só que não será fácil: ele não se cansará de jogar barris para obstruir o caminho.

Jun 1991 · Atari 2600 · read review

Video Game Critic, The (B) (75%)

Donkey Kong for the Atari 2600 is competently programmed and enjoyable to play but I wish its programmer had been a little more ambitious.

Nov 18th, 2008 · Atari 2600 · read review

Game Freaks 365 (7 out of 10) (70%)

Don’t let the score I gave this game deceive you. The Atari 2600 version of this game is hardly worth your time if you have even the Colecovision version, and certainly isn’t if you have the NES version. You should only contemplate getting this version of the game if you are a collector who absolutely must have every game for the Atari 2600, or if you, for some reason, do not have an NES or a Colecovision. Otherwise, I would say that either of those versions would be a better choice than this version. This version is not bad, but it isn’t the best, and if you are only going to buy one version of a game, it should be the best.

2000 · Atari 2600 · read review

Woodgrain Wonderland (B-) (67%)

I was all ready to rip into Donkey Kong for the 2600 with so many of the usual suspects: it was another high-profile release that disappointed fans, Coleco purposely made it bad in order to bolster Colecovision sales, it’s too easy etc. But guess what? Playing it today I found myself having fun – as much fun as any other version of Donkey Kong I’ve ever played.

Dec 16th, 2016 · Atari 2600 · read review

TeleMatch (3 out of 6) (60%)

Mit dem Spielhallen- oder CBS-COLECOVISION-Hit hat das beinahe nichts mehr zu tun. Eleganz wird durch Starrheit ersetzt, Dynamik durch Stumpfsinn. Wer nicht allzu anspruchsvoll ist der wird natürlich auch mit dieser Donkey Kong- Fassung eher zufriedengestellt als mit so manch stupidem Weltraum-Geballer. Aber ein mir bis vor kurzem noch unbekannter Videospieler im Teenager-Alter ist zu verstehen, der nach kürzester Zeit seine gekaufte Donkey Kong-ATARI-Kassette bei einem Freund gegen eine andere Kassette vertauschte...

Jul 1983 · Atari 2600 · read review

Retro Game Reviews ( ) (60%)

Donkey Kong is an odd version of the Arcade classic due to its lack of screens, but it plays well and is a decent representation of the game. Due to the use of a minuscule 4K cartridge it's not a patch on the superior Colecovision port (also released in 1982), but there's certainly some fun to be had, if only for a brief play session.

Jun 2nd, 2018 · Atari 2600 · read review

8-bit Central Retro Gaming ( ) (60%)

Donkey Kong offers the gist of the arcade original, but like most "home" arcade games it suffered more than necessary escpecially with only 2 screens. But hey, It's fucking Donkey Kong and that shit is tons of fun! Later releases had improved graphics and more levels.

2011 · Atari 2600 · read review

Player Reviews

A pale imitation, but there's still some fun to be had.

The Good
For all it's faults, this version of Donkey Kong has it where it really counts: the gameplay is solid, authentic, and fun. Jumping barrels, climbing ladders, pulling rivets, dodging fireballs, smashing things with a hammer - in the two levels presented, it's all there, but don't expect much more.

The Bad
Donkey Kong really deserved so much more. If this was an original platformer, or an obscure port, this would have a well-deserved place among the better 2600 games. But it has to measure up as Donkey Kong, and it just doesn't: First, the barebones nature of the game: no music, no title screen, none of the cut-scene intermissions or intros. Next, the graphics - is that really supposed to be Donkey Kong? Looks more like a sock puppet! And are those fireballs? I don't think so! More like strange ghosts.
And where's the sound? The iconic music? All you get is the squeaky shoes, a jump noise, and two goofy licks: one for when you die and one that plays when you beat a level and when your game is over. More substantially, of the four levels, only two (!) have made it to this version: the barrel level and the rivets level. And the game starts out easy and stays easy. For a long time. If you have the stamina and patience, it does eventually become harder.

The Bottom Line
This version of Donkey Kong is ok, considering the limitations of the 2600 - but it could have been much better. It's a fun game if you can overlook it's shortcomings: flat difficulty curve, extreme repetitiveness, and lackluster graphics/sounds.

by Bob Montgomery (526) on Jun 21st, 2007 · Atari 2600

Good port, but the NES and Game Boy Advance versions are better.

The Good
When you think of Nintendo, what comes to mind? Probably Mario or Donkey Kong would to come to mind. They made their first appearance in the 1981 arcade game, Donkey Kong. After it's success in the arcades, it was ported to as many home consoles and home computers you could think of. All of the ports of the game I played are enjoyable. The Atari 2600 version is just like the other ones. I have a lot of fun playing this port. The graphics are pretty cool (I still think Atari 2600 graphics look cool.). The game is easy and simple. Its one those games that you can just pick up and play. The increased difficulty as the game goes on is also a nice challenge.

The Bad
As I said before, the graphics look pretty cool. Mario,and Pauline look pretty good. But Donkey Kong dosen't look all that well. He is just dark brown all over his body. Could they have bothered to add a blob of a light brown colored pixel on his chest? I'm Donkey Kong dosen't look so well because I'm pretty sure the 2600's color palette was limited. Another disappointment is that there are only TWO levels. The arcade version had four. You could pretty much beat the game every time you play it.

The Bottom Line
But, overall, this is a enjoyable port of the arcade version that's cheap and easy to find. But, if your looking for a better version, I would recommend the NES or Game Boy Advance version.

by Jake Lewis (2) on May 6th, 2011 · Atari 2600

Great Graphics Don't Make Up For Horrible Gameplay

The Good
Donkey Kong for the 2600 has surprisingly great graphics. Coleco did an excellent utilizing the consoles hardware to its fullest and making some relatively high-res graphics. For a console notoriously known for being graphically horrible, Donkey Kong is a nice surprise.

The Bad
The graphics don't make up for the fact that gameplay is incredibly difficult and frustrating. I understand input options are very limited on the 2600. The joysticks are not designed for platform gameplay. But response time on the button presses is slow, which means you have to time your jumps even more so than at the arcade. Otherwise it leads to a fit of rage involving chucking the console at the TV over losing your last life so close to the top of the level.

The Bottom Line
I'm not sure if the 2600 version of Donkey Kong in a true port of the original. It's a good attempt to bring the arcade game to the home console, but it's just not designed for this hardware. Nice try Coleco, but Donkey Kong for the Atari 2600 was not the same Donkey Kong from the arcade.

by Mullet of Death (592) on Aug 30th, 2008 · Atari 2600

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