aka: CrimeCraft (Standard Edition), CrimeCraft: GangWars


After an ecological disaster, citizens of a future city are left to fend for themselves. Among thousands of players in this MMO persistent world next-generation shooter, your best bet is to join a gang and build up your own reputation in order to survive the urban cityscape. Altough the game started out as a retail boxed product along with subscription fee and microtransactions, it changed to a free-to-play model two months after launch.

Players join a lobby where they can buy weapons, clothing (for Head, Face, Body, Legs, and Feet), form gangs, and accept missions (from NPC with an exclamation point "!" above their heads). There is also The Daily Goal which gives a reward if met, and Jobs (available at payphones). Game modes include such PvE ones as Headhunt (fight through hordes to get to and kill the boss), Safeguard (protect cargo from hordes), Stockpile (find supply containers as you fight hordes). There are also many PvP team modes such as: Turf War (control 5 points or the most points before time runs out), Core Annihilation (try to destroy the other team's core), Assault, Capture, and Defend (seek & capture core then defend it for longest time), Snatch N' Grab (capture the flag), Robbery (steal from other team's safe to get the most money at end of time limit), Shootout (team deathmatch), Capture the Zone (capture and hold points on the map). There's also Riot mode (free-for-all deathmatch). There are daily and weekly tournaments, gangwars (where one gang can challenge another), and territory wars (gangs fight over one map and others pay the victor taxes). Also there's Quickplay mode and pre-built Classes for players who want fast action.

Players can craft items like weapons, clothing, and drugs. They can choose from a large list of abilities, boosts, and equipment with different pros and cons. Players can carry 3 weapons at a time (1 light, 1 medium, 1 heavy) and each has 0-5 attachment slots and ammunition. Skills can be gained such as limited invisibility or ability to throw grenades. Boosts are temporary items that can be bought, traded or picked up as reward drops such as medical kits. AUGs give advantages in Combat, Ability, and Lobby functions.

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