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Reality Fighters

PS Vita credits (2012)

466 People (413 developers, 53 thanks)

Novarama Technology

Lead Designer
Programming Lead
Art Director
Animation Director
Animation Team
Associate Producer
Sound Design
Music and Effects
  • Pump Audio
  • Getty Images
  • Sound Ideas
360 Photography by
  • 360cities.net

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Executive Producer
Senior Director of External Development
Senior Vice President SCE Worldwide Studios Europe
External Development Coordinators
European Marketing Director
European Marketing Manager
European Product Manager
European Head of PR
European PR Managers
Legal & Business Affairs

WWS Creative Services Group

Audio Director
Music Supervisors
Music Licensing Manager
Graphic Design
Senior Illustrator
Senior Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer Manager
Senior Video Designer
CSG Video Designer
Project Assistant
Junior Production Assistant
Video Manager
Senior Manager, Creative Services Group
Casting and Voice Production
  • Blindlight
Casting and Production Supervisor
Production Associate
Voice Director
Dialogue Recordist
Voice Production Coordinator
Dialogue Editors
Audio QA

SCEE First Party Quality Assurance

Director of First Party Quality Assurance Europe
Department Assistant

Planning and Release

Planning and Release Manager
Senior Planning and Release Coordinator
Planning and Release Coordinators

Test Operations

Senior Test Manager
Senior Localisation Test Manager
Functional Testing Supervisor
Functional Testing Lead
Functional Senior Tester
Functional Testers
Technical Team Supervisor
TRC Testing Lead
TRC Testers
NTT Lead Tester
NTT Testers
Vendor Auditor
Localisation Testing Supervisors
Localisation Testing Leads
Localisation Testers
Senior Test Engineer
Test Engineers
Contract Staff Coordinators

Support Services [SCEE]

Support Services Manager
Support Services Translator
Support Services Supervisor
Support Services Coordinators
Support Services Lead Technician
Support Services Technicians

SCEA Santa Monica Studios

Senior Producer
Senior Manager, International Software Development
Director, International Software Development
Senior Vice President Worldwide Studios America
President, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios

SCEA Product Development Services Group

VP, Technology and CTO
Director of Service Groups
Director of Music
Senior Manager, Sound Group


Senior Manager, Multimedia Group
Manager, Multimedia
Production Supervisor

Global Platforms

Vice President, Global Platform

First Party Quality Assurance (FPQA)

SR. Director, First Party Quality Assurance
Director, First Party Quality Assurance

Test Operations

Senior Manager, Quality Assurance Operations
QA Test Manager
QA Test Supervisor
Lead Quality Assurance Testers
Sr. Quality Assurance Testers
Contingent Game Test Analysts

Advance Test Team

Manager, Advanced Test Team
Lead Network Test Engineer
Network Test Engineers

Release Management

Manager, Release Management
Release Manager
Associate Release Managers

Support Services [SCEA]

Manager, Support Services
DevSuite Web Administrators
Sr. Translator
Associate Translator

Online Technology Group

Director, Online Technology Group
Sr. Manager, Online Technology Development
Manager, Development
Development Lead

SCEA Marketing

Senior Vice President, Marketing & PlayStation¬ģNetwork
Vice President, Product Marketing
Director, Software Product Marketing
Senior Managers, Product Marketing
Manager, Product Marketing
Associate Manager, Product Marketing
Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media
Director, Product Publicity
Senior Manager, Public Relations
Public Relations Generalist
Senior Manager, Social Media
Senior Specialists, Social Media
Senior Director, Marketing Alliances and Activation
Manager, Marketing Programs
Manager, Brand Alliances
Senior Manager, Media Partnerships
Managers, Brand Alliances
Senior Partnership Specialist
Senior Specialist, Consumer Services
Specialist, Media Partnerships
Director, Channel Marketing and Events
Events Manager, Channel Marketing and Events
Senior Event Planner, Channel Marketing and Events
Events Specialist, Channel Marketing and Events
Director, Consumer Insights
Senior Analyst, Consumer Insights
Senior Manager, Creative Services
Managers, Creative Services
Senior Specialists, Creative Services
Creative Assetes Manager
Director, Licensing
Manager, Licensing
Licensing Coordinator
Manager/Producer, Video Assets
Video Services Team
Senior Director, PlayStation¬ģNetwork
Director, PSN Marketing
PSN Marketing Communication Manager
Specialist, Loyalty Programs
Senior Manager, Web Strategy and Services
Executive Producer, PlayStation¬ģNetwork
Director, PlayStation¬ģHome

SCEA Legal

Vice President, Legal & Business Affairs
Directors, Legal & Business Affairs
Senior Corporate Counsel
Manager, Legal & Business Affairs
Intellectual Property Paralegals
Special Thanks

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Japan Studio

Associate Producers
Senior Producers
Vice President
Senior Vice President
Design Group
Manual Writer
Package & Manual Designers

Sound & Video Group

Audio Localization
Audio Localization Manager
Dubbing Production
  • Ltd.
Dubbing Director
Dubbing Coordinator
Voice Over Talent

FPQA Japan

QA Director
Senior QA Manager
QA Managers
QA Testers
Marketing Dept.
Sales Dept.
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing Communication
President, SCEJ
Special Thanks
  • to our families
  • external development dept. members
  • Ryo Sogabe
  • and video group.
Face Recognition Technology Team

Online Service Group

Director of Online Services Group
Head of Online Service Delivery
Online Service Desk
Beta Trial Team
Home Operations Manager
Home Operations Team
Service Management Lead
Web & Email Services Manager
Web & Email Services Team
Online Analytics & Reporting Manager
Online Communities Manager
Community Managers
Community Assistant
United States
Project Managers
Business Analyst
Ad Sales Coordinator
SCEE Family & Friends
Special Thanks


"China Mood"
"Raksah Iskandarani"
"Enough About Him"
  • New American Girls
  • Getty IMages / Pump Audio
"Sport Fanfare"
"Theme from Hot Spot"
  • Opolopo
  • Getty IMages / Pump Audio
"Sucker Punch", "Control", "Body on Me", "Dirt"
  • 60 Second Crush
  • Getty IMages / Pump Audio
"Scratch Tactics"
  • Big Bear Muzic
  • Getty IMages / Pump Audio
"The New American"
"Moo Old Cow"
"I Eat Brains"
  • Romeo Liquor Store
  • Getty IMages / Pump Audio
"Big Ocean", "Kung Fu You"
"Victoria Siempre"
  • Dynamedion
  • Getty IMages / Pump Audio
"Richs Rage"
"Gathering", "Timlilit"
"New Brakes"
"Vampire Birth Certificate"
"Paid to Party"
  • Twirl
  • Getty IMages / Pump Audio
"Calf Brandin' Man"
  • The Calf Branders
  • Getty IMages / Pump Audio
  • Surf Zombies
  • Getty IMages / Pump Audio
"The Affection to Parents"
  • Zhuomanamu
  • Getty IMages / Pump Audio
"BMX Beats"
  • Woxy
  • Getty IMages / Pump Audio
"The Sell-Out"
  • Trailermen
  • Getty IMages / Pump Audio
"A Sports High"
"Sugar Plum"
"Bossa Nova, Né?"
"Grieg - Peer Gynt - In the Hall of the Mountain King Remix"
  • Premier Classics
  • Getty IMages / Pump Audio
"Defiant", "Samurai Sword"

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