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Borderlands 2

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Windows credits (2012)

638 People (596 developers, 42 thanks)

Gearbox Software

Gearbox Software
Gearbox Software would like to acknowledge the following members of its quality assurance team
Gearbox Software wishes to acknowledge these individuals and studios that made development contributions to Borderlands 2
Gearbox Software would like to acknowledge the following performance and music credits in Borderlands 2

2K Publishing

SVP, Product Development
Director of Product Development
Sr. Director, Product Development
Senior Producer
Associate Producers
Production Assistants
Additional Production Support Senior Producer
Director of Technology
Online Systems Architect
Online Engineer
Directors of Creative Production
Manager of Creative Production
PD Operations Coordinator
SVP, Marketing
VP, Marketing
VP, International Marketing
Senior Product Manager
Associate Product Manager
Director of Public Relations, North America
PR Manager
PR Coordinator
Director, Marketing Production
Art Director, Marketing
Jr. Graphic Designer
Web Director
Web Designer
Director of Community, New Media and Consumer Relations
Senior Community Manager
Community Managers
Marketing Production Assistant
Video Production Manager
Video Editors
Associate Video Editors
Marketing Project Manager
VP Business Development
VP, Legal
Director of Operations
Director of Research and Planning
Licensing/Operations Specialist
Marketing Manager, Partner Relations
Assistant Manager, Partner Relations
Marketing Assistant

2K Quality Assurance

VP of Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Test Manager (Projects)
Quality Assurance Test Managers (Support Team)
Lead Testers (Support Team)
Senior Testers
Quality Assurance Team

2K International

General Manager
International Marketing Manager
International Product Manager
Senior Director, International PR
Assistant International PR Manager
Assistant International PR Executive
International Digital Marketing Manager

2K International Product Development

International Producer
Localization Manager
Assistant Localization Manager
External Localization Teams
  • Around the Word
  • Synthesis International Srl
  • Synthesis Iberia
  • Code Entertainment GmbH
Localization Tools and Support provided by
  • XLOC Inc.

2K International Quality Assurance

QA Supervisor
Mastering Engineer
Mastering Technician
Localization QA Project Lead
Localization QA Leads
Senior Localization QA Technicians
Localization QA Technicians
Design Team
2K International Team
Take-Two International Operations

2K Asia

Asia Marketing Director
Asia Marketing Manager
Asia Product Manager
Japan Marketing Manager
Localization Manager
Take-Two Asia Operations
Take-Two Asia Business Development
Fox Studios

2K China Quality Assurance

QA Manager
QA Supervisor
Lead Tester
Quality Assurance Team

Special Thanks

Special Thanks


"Short Change Hero"
  • Performed by The Heavy
  • Published by Just Isn't Music Ltd
  • Courtesy of Counter Records
"How You Like Me Now"
  • Performed by The Heavy
  • Published by Just Isn't Music Ltd
  • Courtesy of Counter Records

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