007: Agent Under Fire

aka: 007: Agent im Kreuzfeuer, 007: Espion pour Cible, AUF, James Bond 007 in... Agent Under Fire, James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire, James Bond 007: Agente en Fuego Cruzado , James Bond 007: Agente sotto fuoco
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007: Agent Under Fire is the first James Bond game to appear on the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox. The game casts the player as the legendary James Bond who must accomplish missions throughout different areas of the world. Bond is sent on a mission rescue Zoe Nightshade, a CIA agent in the hands of Nigel Bloch. Nigel Bloch is the CEO of Identicon, a section of a highly successful industry company known as Malprave industries. Bond is also tasked to retrieve the set of DNA samples that are in Identicon's hands. So James Bond sets off on another adventure...

The game combines three game modes into one package: first-person-shooter, which is what most of the missions are, a rail-shooter, where the player only controls firing, and a driving game, where the player drives one of the many Bond cars. Numerous weapons have been added to the series, along with some fictional weapons like the Photon cannon and the 5-way grenade launcher. The player can utilize a wide array of gadgets and weapons, like the Q-Claw, Q-Decoder, and Bond's trusty Walther handgun. There is a large variety of missions, and Bond can go through most missions with weapons, or take a stealthy approach. The player is also rated in each level, based on score and difficulty level, and can unlock new features for both single and multiplayer.

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Average score: 72% (based on 55 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 62 ratings with 1 reviews)

In a word: Fun

The Good
Well, for starters, the graphics are great. They're not too cartoonish, but not too realistic, which means you can take the game seriously. The plot is a mix of classic James Bond and a bit of sci-fi, which I really enjoyed. The cutscenes where very smooth and great to watch, not like some games where you have to listen to droning voice acting and jerky animation. I liked the gameplay, too. Very smooth, very professional. This makes for some top-notch multiplayer games. Like many other games, you can keep playing the game over and over to unlock secrets like characters, levels, and powerups.

The Bad
Though the controls weren't customizable, but the setup was standard to most games. Bots were alright, with a huge difference between easy and hard mode. Starting a multiplayer was a little tricky, because everyone can change the game options even when they've been set by another player.

The Bottom Line
Agent Under Fire is a fun game to play. I love single player because is challenging, but by no means impossible. Multiplayer is always a blast to play (my favorite MP games are when I have one other person and I go up against a team of very difficult bots). Though this game isn't in every gamers collection, once you play it, you'll want to keep playing it again and again.

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007 : Agent Under Fire has become a famous Xbox game, but not because of the gameplay itself. On 31st March 31 2003, a hacker called Habibi-Xbox used a buffer overflow in the game and became the first to hack into an unmodified Xbox. This was part of a $100,000 challenge funded by Lindows founder Michael Robertson.

James Bond

The game's James Bond is a combination of elements from all five previous Bonds.

Pre-release version

The pre-lease version of 007 : Agent Under Fire contained multiple elements not present in the final game. Major elements include Bond wearing a tuxedo, John Cleese as R, GoldenEye-style health bars, different weapon and death animations, a silver BMW 750iL, blood and gore effects, more detailed explosions and the Q-Claw being a wrist gadget rather than a mobile phone. Rumored legal issues with EoN Productions (producers of the Bond movies) led to John Cleese not being present in the final game, and concerns over a potentially alienating Mature rating from the ESRB and the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks led to the violence being toned down.

Much of the pre-release footage was initially found on a bonus disc accompanied with PlayStation World magazine from August 2001 prior to release, but is now on YouTube.

Additional information contributed by MegaMegaMan.

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