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The Great War: 1914-1918

aka: Historyline: 1914-1918
Moby ID: 5815

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DOS credits (1992)

26 people (22 professional roles, 4 thanks) with 48 credits.

Main Program

Production Blue Byte
Production Lead Lothar Schmitt
Programmer Ralf Jürgen Kraft, Bernhard Ewers, Thomas Häuser
Design Ralf Jürgen Kraft, Bernhard Ewers, Thomas Häuser
Graphic Janos Tóth
Layout and Animation Thorsten Kneisel
Unit Selection Thomas Hertzler
Level Design Janos Tóth, Christoph Werner, Thorsten Kneisel
Music Programming Oliver König
Music Haiko Ruttmann
Setting Haiko Ruttmann

Intro and Credits

Script and Design Bernhard Ewers, Thorsten Kneisel
Program Bernhard Ewers
Graphic Thorsten Kneisel, Christoph Werner
Setting Haiko Ruttmann

Cut Scenes

Idea Lothar Schmitt
Research and Texts Ulrich A. Springmann, Ralf Jürgen Kraft
Program Bernhard Ewers, Oliver König
Graphic Thorsten Kneisel, Christoph Werner


Manual Lothar Schmitt
Weapon Book Thomas Hertzler
Graphic Thorsten Kneisel, Janos Tóth
Special Thanks to Hans Ippisch (MC), Stefan Friedl, Frank Hasselmanns, Armin Gessert


Technical Resource Director Daniel Cermak
Rule Book Editors André Vrignaud, Al Brown, Eileen Matsumi
Producer Bret Berry
Tester Brian Lowe
Graphic Design and DTP Louis Saekow Design, David Boudreau, Leedara Sears
Printing A&a Printers and Lithographers
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